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Valencia Water Company Announces Personal Drought Report for Residential Customers

Individualized Charts Give Every Customer Exact Targets to Meet Governor’s 20% Goal

Posted: May 5, 2014 8:50 a.m.
Updated: May 5, 2014 8:50 a.m.

VALENCIA, Calif. (May 5, 2014) – Valencia Water Company customers will soon receive a “personal drought report” that specifies exactly how much water they need to save this year to meet Governor Brown’s call to save 20 percent during the state’s unprecedented drought.

The drought report, utilizing a computer program analyzing individual water use and other factors, will first be mailed to customers then made available thereafter online through monthly progress reports. For the typical Valencia Water Company single-family household, customers will see that a 20 percent reduction means saving between 500 and 725 gallons a week.

“Our goal with this customized report is to give customers real numbers to work with in order to answer the governor’s call to save water. We hope to show customers – in terms of actual gallons – what a 20 percent reduction really means,” said Keith Abercrombie, Valencia Water Company’s General Manager.

The reports will also give customers very specific – and easy – ways to reduce their weekly or monthly water use without impacting their lifestyle. For example, reducing irrigation times, taking shorter showers, using only full loads for laundry and dishes, turning off the faucet when washing hands or brushing teeth, and installing a weather-based irrigation controller can easily add up to 700 or more gallons saved a week.

Fixing leaks also are a great way to save substantial amounts of water. About 10 percent of all homes have leaks that waste at least 90 gallons or more a day. One leaking toilet can waste between 200 and 6,000 gallons a day. Replacing a worn toilet flapper costs $5 and takes about five minutes.

“California is experiencing a historic drought with no end in sight. We need to save water now – not only to get us through this year, but likely for 2015 as well,” said Matt Dickens, Valencia’s Resource Conservation Manager. “Valencia Water Company customers have responded to previous drought emergencies. Although we see some signs of a positive response this year, most people still have a ways to go to reach 20 percent.”

Personal drought reports are the latest in a series of efforts developed by Valencia Water Company to give customers personal information about their water habits, and provide the tools to be more water efficient. The award-winning Water SMART (Saving Money And Resources Today) Allocation program provides customers with monthly allocations for the amount of water they should be using both indoors and outdoors. The allocations will change depending upon weather conditions. A customer’s water allocations, historic usage and, soon, their personal drought progress reports are all available under password protected online accounts.

“It’s all in the data. Customers who say they are doing everything possible to save water have discovered – through the extra wealth of water information we now provide – that they can easily save even more without impacting their lifestyle,” said Dickens. “The data is the starting point to come up with your own game plan to meet the 20 percent target.”

Previously, Valencia Water Company’s computer modeling and analysis also have helped reveal leaks or other problems at an individual customer’s home, Dickens said.

Valencia Water Company customers can receive up to 25 free high-efficiency sprinkler nozzles, as well as rebates for other irrigation system improvements, and for purchasing high-efficiency clothes washers. The water company also offers residential water audits, as well as twice-a-month free classes providing a full range of water conservation tips for landscapes and indoors. Customers can receive a $20 credit on their water bill by attending the class and are eligible to receive door prizes, such as a free water conservation kit.

Dickens said Valencia Water Company and other water retailers in the Santa Clarita Valley will soon announce other programs to help residents reduce their water use – now and for the long term.

“The drought is a wake-up call. This is a perfect time to begin taking the more significant steps that can help drought-proof your home,” Dickens said. “This includes changing irrigation systems to drip, converting landscapes to ones requiring little water and investing in water-saving devices throughout the home.”

More details are available on the Valencia Water Company website or by calling 661-294-0828.

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debatenohate: Posted: May 5, 2014 9:06 a.m.

I love this. Really helpful. Will be great to show the kids, too, so they can participate. Thanks, Valencia Water!

bobforte: Posted: May 5, 2014 9:34 a.m.

Yet the city is installing new landscaping along Railroad and Golden Valley road.

Baddog1: Posted: May 5, 2014 10:16 a.m.

What if........a household was/is currently practicing proper conservation methods prior to this 20 percent request?

NotSoAwesomeTown: Posted: May 5, 2014 10:33 a.m.

Bobforte - aren't they using recycled waste water for the landscaping? I thought that's why all the shopping centers smell so bad around here....

stray: Posted: May 5, 2014 10:40 a.m.

And will those newly developed luxury housing tracts in Plum Canyon receive notices also??? After all, how much H2o can they possible use in those 5 BATHrooms ???

CastaicClay: Posted: May 5, 2014 11:47 a.m.

Gotta save enough water to supply Newhall Ranch.

SCVgal123: Posted: May 5, 2014 1:45 p.m.

I think this is sooooo smart and I hope it goes viral! EVERYONE should have this kind of info, thanks Dickens for leading the way. I look forward to seeing my customized report! --edited.

17trillion: Posted: May 5, 2014 1:47 p.m.

If, and it's a big IF, I save any water it's because of costs. I could care less what Jerry Brown says. I could care less what Valencia Water says. Screw them and the environmental Nazis that got us into this mess. Do you know there is a movement to eliminate the Hetch Hetchy reservoir in Northern California that serves all of San Francisco?

17trillion: Posted: May 5, 2014 1:51 p.m.

I agree SCVgal. Mine will go nicely with the bottom of my recycle bin. I may not save water, but I'm recycling!

stray: Posted: May 5, 2014 2:00 p.m.

"KB Home plans 278 more homes in Santa Clarita"

“California is experiencing a historic drought with no end in sight. We need to save water now – not only to get us through this year, but likely for 2015 as well,” said Matt Dickens, Valencia’s Resource Conservation Manager.

Are you concerned Mr. Dickens that those LUXURY, monstrosity sized homes are under construction while the rest of us are told to conserve H2o ?? --edited.

17trillion: Posted: May 5, 2014 2:27 p.m.

How does that make you feel Stray? Like you don't give a damn about the problem like me? I only watch my water use as a matter of economics of my wallet. I could care less what everyone else says about the so-called drought.

EgbertSouse4U: Posted: May 5, 2014 2:35 p.m.

17trillion: Well, as the cliché goes, no good deed goes unpunished. The first good deed was getting rid of all of our water softeners (to the detriment of our own plumbing) so we wouldn't have to pay a "chloride" tax or penalty. We see now how honest that policy was. And as they continue to talk out of both sides of their mouth, I like you, don't exactly feel motivated.

17trillion: Posted: May 5, 2014 2:43 p.m.

Yea, isn't that nice. I have windows that need to be scraped with an ice scraper to get the crap off of them. Shower doors? Forget about it unless you wipe them down EVERY time. And for what? So I can pay 200 more a year to remove salt from water that is salty when we get it even though other communities are allowed to have much higher salt content rates? To Governor Brown, I give you and other enviro terrorists the middle finger! And as someone said above, what happens if "I" was already doing my part to conserve?

I hate this state........

mikesmouth: Posted: May 5, 2014 3:23 p.m.

Great start. Seems like an excellent way to get individuals attention to the reality of the water crisis. I read that Montecito will be OUT of water come july.... And Santa cruz is now rationing water. Like it or not, we need to do what we can. I found this site Cool ideas to help create personal water conservation habits..

17trillion: Posted: May 5, 2014 3:37 p.m.

Yea, cool site Mike. I can't believe you found a site that you have to spend money on to save water. Check out their products, Mike personally vouches for them. I have a site too that can save water and it's free:

SCVgal123: Posted: May 5, 2014 3:39 p.m.

Better hard water than NO WATER. This idea seems pretty cool....You can save money or water, whatever floats your boat. (no pun intended)

legalcitizen: Posted: May 5, 2014 3:51 p.m.

to 17trillion.....if you hate this state, feel free to leave. Then you can reduce your usage by 100%.

EgbertSouse4U: Posted: May 5, 2014 3:54 p.m.

SCVgal123: But remember... the plans are for those downstream from us to receive CLEAN water that WE are required to filter as it leaves our toilets... sound good to you?

17trillion: Posted: May 5, 2014 4:18 p.m.

Thank you legal. I hadn't thought of that. Am I allowed to stay here where I born and raised AND hate the state too or must I leave if I hate the state? Gosh, such a simple solution and you thought of that all on your own without considering any reasons why I may not be ABLE to leave the state at this time? I'm in awe of the simplicity of your brilliance!

EgbertSouse4U: Posted: May 5, 2014 4:31 p.m.

I probably feel about the same as 17trillion. I actually LOVE this state, it's beautiful and breathtaking, second to none in so many ways.... just tired of getting my pockets picked by our "representatives."

stray: Posted: May 5, 2014 4:33 p.m.

@17 - "How does that make you feel Stray?"

I have mixed feelings - because it's a HUGE picture, more than what the human eye sees - but I still feel that conserving isn't going to kill anybody. It's a known fact that Americans, in general, are wasteful people... That includes wasting electricity, natural gas and water. Sometimes people aren't really aware of how wasteful they are until they receive their utility bills. Just take a night walk in your community and see some of your neighbors' houses - every light, upstairs and down, is on! And, you know it's ONLY husband and wife including two small children that live there. Then, when you are chatting with them at a future date, they're telling you "Wow, I just received a $400 bill for one month of electricity!" Or, similiar comments from another neighbor whose complaining about his water bill when he runs his sprinklers for 20 minutes and the water is running down the sidewalk! It's common sense... If your family is consuming large amounts of those natural resources AND YOU'RE DOING YOUR PART to conserve, then the requested 20% reduction isn't really meant for you. The message that the state, et al are preaching about, is the FACT that we're ALL facing a longer than expected drought - which means don't be stupid while deliberately wasting water. Don't let the hose keep on running down the driveway when you're soaping up your car - and don't leave the water running full blast when you're brushing your teeth. A little common sense goes a long way.

When developers received the permits to build those monstrosity sized 4,500 sq ft homes, the water was ample enough not to seriously worry - albeit a drought still existed back then. But, over the years, with barely any sizeable rainfall, the drought has become ALOT more serious. So, luckily the prediction is now the housing market has turned a page in that long chapter of stressful, foreclosed markets... I'm happy that people will get back to work and build those houses, while home centers will thrive once again, and banks will get even fatter with those HUGE mortgages they'll lend out, etc... So, in the end, everybody wins. I still say that the city and county can do more on THEIR part and put more drought resistant landscapes throughout and start to practice what they preach about saving water! That also goes for the developers who are modeling a new housing tract! Install decorative, drought resistant landscape and ensure that those same HOAs will entice the community to do the same!

That's how I feel 17trillion... And, I can't close without a good laugh at your comment: ""

Wow, you do have a humourous side after all! --edited.

bigbearbound: Posted: May 5, 2014 5:13 p.m.

The worst water offender on our street is the Valencia Water Company pump house. Broken sprinklers running all the time watering nothing but weeds. VWC should fix their own inefficiencies before wagging their finger at us.

I'm sure another comment addressed this question but...What about those of us who already save water in every possible way? Are we going to get hit with a 20% reduction on our "personal drought report"??

castaicjack: Posted: May 5, 2014 6:07 p.m.

I'm sure Mr Dickens will be delighted to know those 20,000 homes planned off the 126 and the 20,000 homes planned off the I5 near Gorman and the additional 1,045 single family homes planned for Castaic were all approved as having plenty of water. After all, it's new development and new development always has enough water. No need to send personal drought reports to the newcomers. They're spoken for. And that silly Bay Area Conservation measure, already shot down by two different courts before being passed, will have to wait but since it was really "for the kids", you'll sleep better knowing you've done your job by sending us your reports...

missyJk: Posted: May 6, 2014 11:38 p.m.

i already conserve and use a lot less than my allotment each month i cant see how i could reduce it any more

ricketzz: Posted: May 6, 2014 7:17 a.m.

I am dripping and dribbling now. I use 3 or 4 units a month in the summer. My nextdoor neighbor is from Louisiana and has no concept of drought; it's like living next to a swamp. I can't wait until there's a quake, because the liquefaction will make his house sink into the mud.

ohhyaa: Posted: May 6, 2014 7:34 a.m.

I've started to saturate certain areas of my yard so my trees will have a water table to feed from when the rationing begins. I've lived in so cal my entire life so I get water rationing, but seriously this feels a lot like when Enron cut our power under the watch of Gray Davis and laughed at us all the way to the bank.

17trillion: Posted: May 6, 2014 8:34 a.m.

"The California Legislature is looking at a voluntary program that would tax motorists for every mile they drive.

KCAL9’s Bobby Kaple reports that Sen. Mark DeSaulnier, D-Concord, introduced a bill to test out the vehicle miles traveled (VMT) tax because the state’s gas tax was no longer bringing in the revenue it used to due to people driving more fuel efficient vehicles."

This is how it works. They mandate that we drive cars that get better mileage but now they want to tax us on the back end as well. Will they eliminate the state gas tax in exchange for the mileage tax? If you think they will, then you are the dumb "donkey" kind of person that voted for these idiots. I continue to hate this state and I laugh at the idiots who complain about the cost of living while they vote for socialists hell bent on stealing as much as they can from us. The good news is that I can afford it as I don't drive much anyway but what about the poor and middle class that the left supposedly champions for? It never ends.......

stray: Posted: May 6, 2014 2:45 p.m.

@17 - "Will they eliminate the state gas tax in exchange for the mileage tax?"

The news that I've read and heard claim that the gas tax will remain in effect for CA. Nothing new with the Dems - it's ALL about tax, tax, and more tax! I'm learning that Oregon and Washington state have a program slated to kick in next year, 2015. It will be similar, but their program suggests that they will drop gas tax. Then, they will install methods to track your mileage!

17trillion: Posted: May 6, 2014 2:54 p.m.

It's never enough and after all, it's for the children!

chefgirl358: Posted: May 7, 2014 11:27 a.m.

I do not believe anything the politicians say because everything they say is geared towards making us pay some sort of bs tax, fee, fine, or something that gives them more money and yet we never see anything in return. It's literally like we are throwing our tax money into a furnace in CA.

There was an article in the news last week about a man made lake in LA somewhere that it turns out has been replenishing the water with fresh water, not recycled, grey, etc., but fresh. There is no end in sight for enormous housing projects to be built everywhere, especially around SCV, and they are trying to totally hose us on the whole chloride bs too. As far as I'm concerned, the water dept, city of SCV and any other govt agency can bite the big one. Typical freakin hypocrites that they are, none of these jerks are doing anything they are preaching. For the 3rd time in a month, while driving on the 210 near La Canada in the RAIN, the freeway median sprinklers were on. The same thing has happened a few times in recent months on Newhall Ranch Road, while it was actually pouring rain. SCV continues to install medians full of PLANTS and TREES that require WATER, and don't even bother with water smart sprinklers. SCV allowed two huge water projects (Bridgeport and Bridgeport shopping center) to be built and the evaporation rate for those things has got to be astronomical. I could go on and on, but you get the point. Set the example's the only way people will trust you, and follow your example.

dudeman1961: Posted: May 8, 2014 8:34 a.m.

FACTS from

"Santa Clarita's population grew by 17.5% from 2000 to 2010 and was almost twice the growth experience in all of Los Angeles County."

"By the year 2015, the population of the City of Santa Clarita is forecasted to exceed 193,000 (from 151,000 in 2000). Growth is forecasted to continue over the coming decades to 239,900 by the year 2035."

YOU people are morons; entitled, self-absorbed, self-righteous, hydro-ignorant morons. YOUR elected officials have sold you out. YOU complain about 'your' water and how you are now being forced to conserve (the righteous complain about how they already conserve and should be exempt), but this water is the state's and the state (your elected nanny) now says if you want OUR water, you have to use less. It came from northern California, you long ago used up ALL of 'your' water. And, keep building out Plum Canyon and just wait until Newhall Ranch is done.

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