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Local Democratic group holds health care forum

Posted: January 19, 2014 2:00 a.m.
Updated: January 19, 2014 2:00 a.m.

About 35 people turned out Saturday at St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church in Valencia to learn more about the Affordable Care Act and Covered California — the state’s health insurance exchange.

Much of Saturday’s event focused on the changes brought about by implementation of the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare, and how to use services through Covered California to take advantage of, or comply with, the act.

Covered California functions as a marketplace where people can compare and purchase insurance plans. Under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, most Americans must have some sort of health insurance by March 31.

“This is the law of the land for now, and if you’re not covered, you need to get covered,” said Waudier Rucker-Hughes, the president of the NAACP chapter in Riverside and one of the presenters at Saturday’s event.

Exchanges, in turn, were set up with the goal of making it easier to compare different insurance plans.

Shopping around for insurance through the exchange might also inspire people to take a closer look at their own plans.

Presenters urged attendees to take a look at Covered California to see if there might be a cheaper option or a plan that better fits them, highlighting online resources that can provide information on plan costs.

Saturday’s event was sponsored by the Democratic Alliance for Action, a local political group.

“There are people asking for information and we feel we are providing a community service by helping them get that information,” said Michael Kulka, president of the Democratic Alliance for Action.

For more information on Covered California, visit


technologist: Posted: January 19, 2014 9:39 a.m.

“This is the law of the land for now, and if you’re not covered, you need to get covered,” said Waudier Rucker-Hughes, the president of the NAACP chapter in Riverside and one of the presenters at Saturday’s event.

Ever wonder why the "law of the land" phrase is parroted universally by supporters of Obamacare? If the benefits are so manifest, why emphasize statutory enforcement? Note the qualifier "for now". --edited.

JEngdahlJ: Posted: January 19, 2014 9:40 a.m.

These calculations may help young uninsureds make a decision about purchasing a health plan on the exchange.

alwaysamazed: Posted: January 19, 2014 11:38 a.m.

"Law of the land" refers to the fact (not opinion or fantasy) that the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was passed by a majority of both houses of Congress, the Legislative Branch, was signed into law by the President, the Executive Branch and upheld by the Supreme Court, the Judicial Branch.

The benefits that we all have been enjoying since 2010 are no pre-existing conditions (which had been determined by the insurance companies which, used pregnancy as a reason for denying healthcare), no annual or lifetime caps on care received and being able to keep our dependent children on our coverage until 26.

Truly, what is the downside of covering all of our citizens and legal aliens?

shawhouse: Posted: January 19, 2014 1:03 p.m.

I attended the forum and found it informative. I'm grateful to the DAA for bringing it to Santa Clarita, and grateful for St. Stephen's for donating its space.
I had insurance through my college as a UCLA student in the 60's. Then I had insurance through Kaiser when I started a family. I've never been without insurance, and I made sure my children had insurance. That's where I insisted my sons put any extra change they had once they got out of college and started working. Its pretty affordable to get a high deductible policy for a kid, and with Obamacare making it more affordable, a kid has to be really thick to not get insurance. The likelihood of not seeing a doctor for a regular visit is not the reason one has insurance. Its the possibility of having a catastrophic occurrence that one insures against. Having one's only option be the ER of a public hospital is not the way one should treat oneself. Remember the young woman left to writhe until she died on the floor of the MLK waiting room because others were in front of her? The costs of those rows of uninsured in ER waiting rooms are picked up in everyone's insurance premiums anyway. I wish those complainers would fix what troubles them about Obamacare rather seek to end it, since one way or another, the costs end up being spread around to everyone. Of course, the insurance companies are the biggest beneficiaries of the ACA, since the law requires everyone to have private insurance, except for the very poor. What I don't like about the ACA is that it makes private insurance more accessible by having the taxpayers pick up the slack for those who can't afford it. I can't understand why we just don't extend Medicare (for which I most people carry private supplemental insurance). That the cost is spread to all taxpayers for a better system benefits everyone, but whys should the taxpayers have to pay for middlemen? Again, the newest system is not perfect, it should be fixed, but it sure beats unregulated chaos that results in the costs of the uninsured being picked up in secret ways, and the sorrow caused by people being kicked off of policies because their illnesses make them no longer profitable.

balld13: Posted: January 20, 2014 9:13 a.m.

Sounds to me like a bunch of chickens showed up at the foxes house for dinner, and of course the fox invited them, knowing they would show up. Naïve is not the way to go through life.

Unreal: Posted: January 20, 2014 9:38 a.m.

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