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Tim Myers: The great college admission scam revealed - part II

So in the last column I exploded several myths concerning college admission including false selectivity and shortage, inflated but not actually paid tuition rates, and the "value" of extracurricular activities on college applications.

August 10, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Tammy Messina: It is about ideology, not ethnicity

Two residents have filed lawsuits against local governing boards claiming "civil rights discrimination" and "denied voter access" in local elections.

August 09, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Peggy Stabile: Not everyone gets admitted...

Having spent 20 years as a counselor at both Valencia and Hart high schools, an adjunct counselor at College of the Canyons and, most recently, a college application specialist with Pegasus2edu, I have had the pleasure of guiding countless students and their parents through the college application process.

August 09, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Maria Gutzeit: Newhall County Water District celebrates 60th

Water has shaped the history of cities and communities across the West. If you want to get an idea how water influenced the Santa Clarita Valley, start by looking at the Newhall County Water District, the first water agency to be established by residents of the valley.

August 08, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Cher Gilmore: The costs of climate inaction

One of the major arguments against investing in renewable energy is the cost, but let's examine a few costs of NOT switching from fossil fuels to renewable energy resources.

August 08, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Gary Horton: Without a vision the people perish

Eighty-three year old Sam Danny walks slowly away from the table outside the coffee shop toward the Ralphs, where he will do his morning shopping. Sam doesn't move as well as he did in years past.

August 07, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Nat Hentoff: What Obamacare can do to you - not for you

r. Tom Delbanco, a professor of general medicine and primary care at Harvard Medical School, approves of certain sections of Obamacare, but raises a critical matter that has been largely unreported about primary care doctors, whom he describes as "the pediatricians, family doctors and internists who constitute the foundation of our medical system" ("Will Obamacare help primary care?" Delbanco,, July 23).

August 07, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

It’s cryogenics time again

I recently saw a show on TV about cryogenics - the science of freezing your brain after you die so that someday, when they find the cure for whatever killed you, they can insert your brain into a new body and you can pick up where you left off. Riding that motorcycle.

August 06, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Donna Brazile: ‘A people’s contest’ for better lives

With the Civil War raging, Abraham Lincoln addressed the U.S. Congress on July 4, 1861, and talked about the stakes involved:

August 06, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Kathryn Lopez: A new spin on an old message

eople won't remember what you said as much as how you made them feel." My friend Austen Ivereigh, co-founder of Catholic Voices in England (full disclosure: I am the director of the American branch), writes in his book, "How to Defend the Faith without Raising Your Voice."

August 05, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Tina Dupuy: Stop the 'poor-shaming'

You've heard the term "slut-shaming." It's a tactic used by those fighting to repeal the 20th century.

August 05, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Christine Korenthal: Feds influence standards for student testing

The gift of knowledge is, without a doubt, one of the most precious things that we can offer to a child. Not only does it help to insure that they become a productive member of society, but education and, more importantly, a love of learning and creativity make a person's potential for success at whatever venture they seek much greater.

August 04, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

David Hegg: Daring to talk honestly about sin

Back in 1988 Karl Menninger released a provocative book entitled "Whatever Became of Sin?" The public conversation regarding this unpopular subject was further energized by the "look alike" 1995 Newsweek article by Kenneth Woodward entitled "What Ever Happened to Sin?"

August 04, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Timothy Myers Sr.: The great college admission scam revealed - part I

With the graduation of our youngest child from Valencia High School and his upcoming matriculation at San Diego State University, I can finally conclude one of my many "careers" over the last decade: that of unwilling expert in the area of college admissions.

August 03, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

Tom Purcell: What could happen at Camp Political Correctness

Dear Mom and Dad,

August 03, 2013 | Signal Staff | Columnists

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Cher Gilmore: Ignorance is not bliss

Fracking has captured the headlines recently, but another, less well-known technique for extracting oil trapped in rock cavities deep underground is increasingly being used in California and is an even bigger threat to health and the environment.

January 16, 2014 | By Cher Gilmore | Columnists

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