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Rick Jensen: Shades of Richard Milhous... Obama

Posted: May 27, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: May 27, 2013 2:00 a.m.

The cover-up is worse than the crime. The crime is so heinous it requires a cover-up.

Now, heads are rolling as President Obama throws more supporters under a bus convoy.

The first was a fake, as Obama grandly displayed the "forced resignation" of acting IRS Commissioner Steven Miller. Since he was already going to retire, the timing worked well, unless any reporters found out.

They did.

Within hours, the nation learned that Mr. Miller had already planned his June resignation well in advance of any public controversy.

Two low level employees whose crime is reportedly following orders have been allegedly reprimanded in some quiet manner.

Then Joseph Grant, commissioner of the agency’s tax exempt and government entities division, announced he will retire on June 3. As part of his duties, Grant oversaw the IRS division that illegally targeted tea party groups for additional scrutiny when they applied for tax-exempt status. Grant was only there for a few days. His predecessor escaped to run the Obamacare IRS office, where she’ll use her skills to protect the privacy of all Americans as she did with the dissident groups named "Tea Party," "Patriot" and "taught the Constitution."

The next one is former IRS Tax Exempt Unit Chief Lois Lerner, infamously in charge of the unit that illegally targeted conservative nonprofit applicants.

She has chosen to "plead the fifth" at Congressional hearings investigating the depth and breadth of this administration’s use of the IRS as a political weapon of harassment and intimidation.

Lerner joins such notables as convicted Republican political felon Jack Abramoff, mobster Joe Bonanno, former Clinton crony Webb Hubbell, psychic fraudster Miss Cleo and Soviet spy Ethel Rosenberg in the rogues gallery of those who "take the fifth" for fear that telling the truth would cause each person to incriminate themselves.

Stunningly, there are Democrats still defending the Nixonian tactic of terrorizing innocent Americans with the threat of debilitating their lives with the most feared agency in the U.S. Government, the IRS.

Donna Brazile, a powerful Democratic Party operative you’ve likely seen on TV, wrote an amazingly puerile attempt to deflect attention from two of the current Obama administration scandals. She writes, "... two ‘scandals’ — the IRS tax-exempt inquiries and the Department of Justice’s tapping of reporters’ phones — have become lynch parties. And the congressional investigation of Benghazi may become a scandal in itself." What Brazile is saying here is that the perpetrators are the "victims"!

She writes, "Our democracy is endangered. Not by the Russians, North Korea, the Iran regime, or even terrorists. To quote Pogo: ‘We have met the enemy and he is us.’

According to Brazile, anyone who investigates these illegal actions of the Obama administration is threatening democracy... and they’re racists, as in "lynch parties."

This is a woman who was fired from a Democratic Presidential campaign for spreading false philandering rumors about a Republican Presidential candidate and then went on to work for Bill Clinton as an adviser.

Hardcore Democrats like Brazile are wrong. A President spying on reporters and tapping their phone lines is a much greater threat to our nation than investigating the crime and still more of a threat than Brazile’s divisive race-baiting and rumor-mongering.

Even liberals such as the insufferable Piers Morgan confess such a violation of basic constitutional rights smacks of "tyranny," a word he admittedly mocked on his cable show. (Note: Piers has also mocked the U.S. Constitution)

Brazile is only one of many supporters and Obama insiders helping to circle the wagons around these scandals.

Employees in the Cincinnati branch of the IRS have told reporters that they are not allowed to talk to the press under threat of being fired. White House senior staff confessed knowledge of the IRS scandal, saying they kept it from the president. They knew, but didn’t tell him.

He learned of it from TV news.

Of course he did.

Will Americans believe the new Administration slogan that the President isn’t a crook, he’s just incompetent? Or will there be traction to the epithet, "Richard Milhous Obama?"

Rick Jensen is distributed exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.


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