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John Kiernan: What's a real scandal?

Posted: May 26, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: May 26, 2013 2:00 a.m.

I have watched the radical wing of the Republican Party do everything they can to obstruct Obama and his administration.

I have witnessed this so much in the last few years I cannot tell what is a "real" scandal and what is not.

Now, we truly have a major scandal and I wonder why those same Republicans (and Democrats) remain so quiet. Rather than search for a scandal before the truth as they are now doing with the three current "scandals" Republicans, Democrats and all citizens should be outraged at the targeting of our own people, American citizens, by our own government through drone strikes.

Now make no mistake, I know these people are associating with known combatants of America but the Obama administration has just taken what was a small grey area and turned it into a huge hole in our rights.

What makes us Americans is our Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The last word being key here — rights.

The administration has chosen to target Americans without any due process. The administration is playing police, judge, jury.

Want a scandal?

Stop with the ridiculous claims of Lindsey Graham, John McCain (you know the guy who never met a war he didn’t like) and Mitch "what ever happened to the jobs" McConnell and look at how this administration has completely trashed the rights of Americans.

The truth stares us in the face yet for some reason the Republicans continue to search first for scandals, then the truth, and honestly I doubt the truth matters much to many.

We saw this with the ridiculous claims of the extremist part of this party on Obama’s birth, his education, the repeated use of code language to try to isolate him as a foreigner.

Oh, the Democrats don’t get a fee pass on this either.

If they are truly "defenders of the Constitution" they need to call the president on this immediately.

The Democrats remain their spineless selves as usual, lemmings jumping off a cliff following each other with no purpose.

While both parties are busy trying to redistrict to further radicalize districts, while both parties search for ridiculous scandals or non scandals, one party has tried to repeal the Affordable Health Care Act 38 times now, you know the thing the Supreme Court passed as law. Our economy continues to sputter along and our security continues to be compromised by the Chinese (another scandal no one seems to care about).

One party does not do their research and places people into nominations that have questionable pasts.

One party obstructs just for the sake of obstructing, We have one party that has never met a social entitlement they don’t love and another that says "yes" to useless weapons of war that even the military has said it cannot and will not use. Our citizenry continues to languish.

Amendments the Obama administration has broken with drone strikes include Amendments 1, 4, 5, 6, 8 and worst of all, assumption of innocence before being proven guilty by a jury of peers.

Why oh why are we not screaming about this?

I have been a Republican, Democrat and an Independent, never in our lifetime has there been a greater need for leadership and a third party who represents the people not the party. Sadly, neither party has proven that they can or deserve to lead this country.

I urge you all to call the White House, your local representative Buck McKeon (speaking of lack of leadership) and voice your American opinion on the only proven scandal.

John Kiernan is a Valencia resident.


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