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Dick Cesaroni: Congress, listen to the voters, not the NRA

Posted: April 20, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: April 20, 2013 2:00 a.m.

I am a wavering Republican. By that I mean I am at the crossroads of going to the right, left or just canceling my participation all together.

I need someone to explain something to me: Who is running our government?

If I remember correctly back in 1960 when I had a conversation with my Dad, a staunch Republican, he told me it did not matter which party you signed on for, just that whoever you vote for represents you in all matters in Washington, D.C.

You vote for your candidate and he or she will do whatever is right for the the country and the citizens.

But the other day a news broadcast gave us us an update on the gun control matter that Congress was considering — with the aid of the National Rifle Association.

I thought. we voted the Congressmen/Women and Senators into office, and we paid taxes to assist them in their representation of and for us — not the NRA.

When stuff like this is going on and the news service reports it, it gives me the only conclusion that I can come to: The NRA has infiltrated the House of Representatives and Senate and has fattened its political war chests and personal wallets.

They have forgotten who voted them into office. We have been forgotten and abandoned.

The politicians of today are only concerned about one thing, and it isn’t us folks. They only worry about their own survival and their personal integrity, which left them a long time ago.

I have a wish list, unattainable for the politicians but a wish anyway. That wish is that all politicians get their spines and integrity back (if they ever had either of these things in the first place) and start doing what we sent them to Washington for: to serve our interests.

I have become so distraught with the Republicans and their tea party and the childish ways they and the Democrats are doing business. They should all be removed for incompetency.

The parents and everyone concerned about the tragic shootings that have taken place in recent months are not asking Washington to dismantle the Second Amendment. They are just asking for fair and just laws that will help stop these tragedies.

The outlawing of assault rifles and large-capacity magazines would be a great start. I don’t recall any of my hunting friends telling me they had to use an AK 47 or any other assault rifle to take down Bambi. Usually they go for a one-shot kill to take the deer down.

The ownership of an assault rifle is not needed for anything other than ego and puffing up your chest up and acting like the Tool Man.

So, I say to the politicians, "stop fattening your wallets and start thinking in reality terms and do what is right for the people who sent you to Washington.

You need us, and you do not need the NRA except to take their Blood Money.

Dick Cesaroni is a Saugus resident.


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