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Richard Hood: Confession: It was I who cut down the tree

Posted: April 1, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: April 1, 2013 2:00 a.m.

I cannot tell a lie. It was I who chopped down the tree.

Now, it wasn’t a cherry tree. It was a humongous old oak, sacred to ancient druids and the modern eco-priesthood alike. I brought it down using my ax because it was the right thing to do. As you read this, I’m burning it in my fireplace to keep my house warm.

Nowadays, you aren’t allowed to build a home with a real fireplace — thanks to these neo-pagans — and neither can you even cut a limb from an oak greater than 1 1/2 inches in diameter without an unbelievably expensive permit request that can be denied, without refund.

It didn’t matter to Los Angeles County that the tree, which I owned, could possibly crash through the roof over our family’s bedrooms and also our neighbors’. "The house," I was told, "would move before that tree does."

Only the leftist elite can have access to the coast, the mountains, the deserts, the open spaces, and the oak trees. Only these chosen government cadre are "wise" enough to be the "caretakers."

In my opinion, the type of environmentalism embraced by the left has come to mean an environment free from thinking people. Ironic that the left claims to act on "behalf of the children." For instance, child deaths due to swimming pools far outnumber child deaths due to guns, but there is no talk of outlawing pools, because doing so does not support the true political agenda worshiped by the left.

The children they supposedly want to protect are to them but sacrificial offerings compared to the life of an unfeeling, non-sentient oak tree.

Why are oak trees singled out? You would think these extremists would recognize how this discriminates against other herbaceous species. What is an oak’s claim to fame? What do they do to achieve such status in the vegetable kingdom?

Could it be the combination of

their ever-increasing girth plus their inability to reason? That, at least, would explain the left’s exultation of Al Gore.So back to the sacred oak. The house wasn’t moving, but the oak was. Its huge limbs inched ever closer until they leaned and banged against the house in every wind.

Though the county didn’t have to disclose any of this regulatory hell when we purchased the home, we were expected to accept the beliefs of government-imposed green religion, one main tenet of which is "you will comply."

Our left-leaning nation has recently received 6,000 new regulations, with 6,000 more expected soon. No wonder the left refuses to condemn totalitarian, liberty-hating movements, even those that deny women and minorities basic human rights, as long as these movements don’t hold to a biblical or American world view ... the only perceived enemies of the left.

One can observe people put

ting their groceries into their "green" cars — cars that cause much more pollution in their making than non-green cars do — often plastered with nonsensical, sanctimonious slogans that seem to be required of these blind-faithful, oblivious to the fact that this is one of the very few countries where messages to "coexist" preached via bumper stickers are unnecessary. They insist on their groceries being in reusable bags that require pollution to create, that wear out and must be replaced, and are non-renewable.

Paper bags are anathema to this crowd, despite being a renewable and biodegradable resource.

"I’m green," they get to say, which I suppose is their big religious payoff. They aren’t even close. Adult logic and reasoning are not their strong suit, but juvenile "feelings" are.

Going through the motions is a danger in any religion — including, it appears, new substitute ones. If you spit out the truth, you end up swallowing only lies.

As for the oak, I had finally had enough and took matters, and my ax, into my own hands. It is a pretty big ax and I’m no weakling, so I shoved the handle its entire length through a knot hole in its massive trunk, then again through another knot hole on the opposite side.

The county tree guy watched this demonstration, then he tapped the hollow, mealy, mushy rotten trunk as a look of concern grew over his features. I had told them, but Big Government hadn’t cared because its total goal is to gain control by consuming liberties and growing ever bigger.

This time I got a permit on the spot. But the choice was still not mine, the property owner’s, to make. I was "ordered" to remove the tree immediately.

I would like to assume that it was because of the safety risk to people rather than consideration of the tree’s "suffering," but considering the left’s views on euthanasia I can’t be sure.

I believe the permit issuer was a sane man working for a system growing increasingly insane, which kneels before and worships creation rather than creation’s Creator, who moves, and answers my prayers, in mysterious ways.

Richard Hood is a Castaic resident and environmentalist who has for years given away countless trees he has planted and raised from seed.


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