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New name, focus for construction company

Jimco Electrical Construction brings its core values to the SCV manufacturing market as CORElectric

Posted: March 31, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: March 31, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Jim and Paige Coffey of CORElectric, Inc., formerly Jimco Electrical Construction.  Jim and Paige Coffey of CORElectric, Inc., formerly Jimco Electrical Construction. 
Jim and Paige Coffey of CORElectric, Inc., formerly Jimco Electrical Construction. 
Jim Coffey places a new parking sign outside his Canyon Country office.  Jim Coffey places a new parking sign outside his Canyon Country office. 
Jim Coffey places a new parking sign outside his Canyon Country office. 

When 23-year-old Jim Coffey started Jimco Electrical Construction in 1988, he had little more than a pickup truck to work out of, a couple years of on-the-job training and a buzz of enthusiasm for electrical construction.

As Coffey’s business expanded – beginning with local, residential work and moving into commercial work – he acquired a team and honed in on a couple niche markets, developing a business philosophy that drove the quality and direction of the company.

When Coffey took a look at the business 25 years later, he realized Jimco didn’t just include him anymore.
It was time for a change.

“We decided to change our name to CORElectric because it’s not just my business anymore,” Coffey said. “We wanted the name of our company to reflect what we believe.”

The new name represents the company’s ethics: commitment, old-school values, responsibility and excellence.
“Today, CORElectric is representative of who we have been for the last 25 years, and it will take us where we’re going for the next 25 years,” Coffey said.

Local roots
A Santa Clarita resident since 1966, Coffey watched a dirt-road town grow into a city from his first residence in Newhall.

He found his entry point into electrical construction as a teen, working for a neighbor’s commercial electrical business.

Though he temporarily stepped away from electrical, doing frame work for a local residential contractor, Coffey soon realized electrical was where he excelled.

“I worked on custom homes in Sand Canyon and Placerita Canyon,” Coffey said. “One day, a client said, ‘When you’re done building the house, why don’t you wire it?’

The offer set the stage for Coffey’s future. He started Jimco and operated for many years as a residential electrician.

“I didn’t know at the time that my experience in commercial wiring would come in handy later,” Coffey said.

As the business grew, Coffey’s wife, Paige Coffey, also a local resident of more than 40 years, left the legal field to join her husband manage the growth. For 18 years, she has handled finances and human resources.

As commercial electrical client requests began to increase, Coffey eventually drove business back toward the direction he loves most: commercial and industrial work.

Wide reach
As the Coffeys expanded business to include manufacturing companies, the manufacturing industry was relatively new to Santa Clarita.

Jimco established relationships with several manufacturers and commercial facilities already located locally, continuing to serve those clients today.

However, commercial and industrial work was largely available outside of Santa Clarita, and business was pulled to projects further and further away.

The Coffeys focused the company toward specialties, such as the renovation and rehabilitation of old, historical sites and buildings, which often created difficult situations that required careful and expert execution.

“Unfortunately, Santa Clarita doesn’t have many buildings old enough to require this particular specialty,” Coffey said.

The company has undertaken this type of project several times, including Mount St. Mary’s College and Santa Teresita Medical Center.

“You don’t just put bolts in the walls and run wiring in a building that old and fragile. It requires custom, creative solutions and a plan for the future. That’s one area where we excel,” Coffey said.

During fragile projects, and in uncommon situations, Coffey believes the company’s core values steered the team toward success.

“At Santa Teresita, the nuns were walking around looking at everything. It was a little intimidating to our guys at first,” Coffey said. “But we’re not the stereotypical construction workers. We’re required to hold ourselves to a higher standard and we know how to carry ourselves,” Coffey said.

With the same values that have guided Jimco toward regional success in the renovation business, the Coffeys hope to further their local business ties with equal service.

Coming back home
Since the company’s early days, local industry has grown substantially, providing more opportunity to keep business in Santa Clarita.

“When electrical construction becomes necessary for a manufacturing company, a skilled construction team is as important as propriety around the sisters of Santa Teresita,” Coffey said.

Because manufacturing companies often still need to be operational during construction, they can’t shut off computers, stop machines or create space for equipment, Coffey said.

“Manufacturing companies can’t simply stop their processes and make room for us. We have to select the staff that can operate in a critical environment,” Coffey said. “It’s very stressful, and we need people that really care about the project.”

Because their skilled, professional team is well-suited for the industry, the Coffeys plan to increase their focus on the local manufacturers.

“We want to develop partnerships and longtime relationships that benefit both the client and the company locally,” Paige Coffey said. “And that is part of why we changed our name – to show new clients who we are.”

In addition to a local business focus, the Coffeys would like to get the company involved in charity work in Santa Clarita, as well, Coffey said.

“We want to use our skills here and involve our entire team,” Jim Coffey said. “We’ve grown up here, based our business here, raised our boys here and are working toward reconnecting in business and giving back here.”




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