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Further clarification on Proposition 8

Posted: February 11, 2009 10:52 p.m.
Updated: February 12, 2009 4:55 a.m.
This letter is in response to Jerry Melisaratos' letter, "Clarifying the Prop. 8 Debate."

Rather than clarifying both sides, Mr. Melisaratos has restated the same "Yes on 8" argument that we've already heard. I would like to "clarify" the other side.

Melisaratos says gays are entitled to the same rights as a married couple, but "It's the way they are asking for those rights that is the problem."

I see the way they were denied the right as the problem. Is it really fair and just to have a majority-rules vote decide the civil rights of a minority group?

Prop. 8 changed our constitution in order to take away another person's civil rights.

He then says God invented marriage, and redefining it is blasphemy. But marriage has already been redefined throughout history.

Many biblical kings and heroes practiced polygamy. Marriages had nothing to do with love, and brides were barely teenagers.

Recently, the word "obey" has been dropped from many religious wedding vows. And there's "‘til death do us part." Most churches accept divorce, although the Bible condemns it.

Last, Melisaratos doesn't want gay couples to use the "religious term" marriage. But I wonder, to whose religion does this term exclusively belong? Is he thinking of Christianity when he claims ownership of this term?

What about people who love a god other than the God of the Christian Bible? Buddhists? Or atheists, agnostics?

Churches don't have to marry every couple. Some churches won't marry a couple of differing faiths.
Some churches don't allow divorce, but it's still legal. By supporting gay marriage, I am not demanding that anyone change their religious beliefs.

If you don't like gay marriage, don't have one. But allow others, whose religious beliefs or churches may disagree with yours, to make their own choices.


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