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Steve Lunetta: It’s time for a change conservatives

Posted: November 19, 2012 2:00 a.m.
Updated: November 19, 2012 2:00 a.m.

I respectfully request that all liberals and Democrats skip this column and read the political cartoon at the top of this page. Or flip over to the next page and read the story about the latest problems at Whittaker-Bermite.

OK. Are they all gone? Good. Conservatives, we’ve gotta change something. If we don’t, we might as well write off the next 20 years to the Dems.

We need to re-think our position on illegal immigration. This is going to rile up the tea partyers (and my wife), but we must do it. Why? Several simple reasons.

Hispanics voted 71 percent for Obama. With the growing Latino demographic, this gives Democrats a virtual lock on nearly everything both now and in the future.

The ironic thing is, Latinos do not even fit in the Democratic Party. Latinos are extremely family-oriented with a dad, mom and kids. Family is the centerpiece of Hispanic life.

This is not the San Francisco version of a family: Larry and Bill with their five cats. Hispanic families are regular, nuclear, June and Ward Cleaver stuff.

Well, Jose and Maria Lopez-Cleaver stuff. This fits the Republican paradigm.

Hispanics are religious. And not just a little bit but highly Catholic-centered religious. Seeing how the Obama administration has insulted most Catholics and Protestants lately by forcing government morality on religious institutions (hospitals), people of faith are ready to flock to us.

Let’s also point out the obvious. Organized labor does not want illegal immigration because it depresses labor costs by diluting the market with cheap labor. This uneasy truce between Hispanics and labor can be easily broken. It’s the elephant in the room whenever Dems get together.

So, here it is. It’s time to reverse course on illegal immigration. Does it stink that many people came to the United States illegally? Yep. Can we do anything about it? Nope.

Stop kidding yourself. Twelve million people are not going to up and leave just because we say so. No one will enforce that directive anyway.

President Ronald Reagan had a radically different view. Since most of us embrace him as the greatest leader of modern times, shouldn’t we take a cue from him on this as well?

On Nov. 6, 1986, Reagan signed the Immigration Reform and Control Act and 3 million illegal immigrants got amnesty that day, and 2.3 million of them were Mexican.

Reagan did not view illegal immigrants as a burden. To the contrary, he viewed them as an opportunity, as should we.

Open the borders and give every person a brasero card who asks. The only limit would be criminals and terrorists. Otherwise, come on over.

In fact, we provide safe transportation to labor clearing houses in Los Angeles and the Central Valley where employers can access this pool of cheap labor.

The brasero recipients will have a one-year visa in the U.S. If they want to stay longer, they merely have to ask. If they break our generous laws, we arrest them and have them work for us. For free.

However, with an open system and welcoming attitude, illegals will have no incentive to break the law.

For those of you concerned about costs, what else can we do? It has been estimated that illegal immigrants cost California about $10 billion per year. We might as well ensure they are productive and provide us a benefit we all profit from cheap labor.

The Dems have portrayed us as racists for opposing illegal immigration. It is time to turn the tables because it is not too late.

If we change on this one thing, we may be able to bring Latinos to the Republican Party, Then everything can change.

Politics is ugly. We are losing in all areas: abortion, right-to-life, fiscal responsibility, limited government, etc.

Many conservatives are waking up now to the fact that if we compromise in this one area, we may gain far more.

I know many of you reading this are aghast. But before you begin writing poison letters to The Signal, look at what many Republican leaders are beginning to say. We either change or die.

Grandma Barbara always hired “mess-i-cans” to work around her large property. I always thought it was rather racist.

But then I began to realize that her care for them in making them cookies, lemonade and paying them was repaid in hard work, accomplishment and honor. Both sides benefitted.

It’s time we benefitted. Latinos belong with us.

Steve Lunetta es un buen vaquero y vive en Santa Clarita. Él puede ser contactado en


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