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Publisher's view: Misconceptions, sighs and outright lies

Posted: November 5, 2012 11:45 a.m.
Updated: November 5, 2012 11:45 a.m.

The local political races this year have been really heated to say the least.  It’s interesting that a relatively small group of people have been very vocal.  They want their opinions heard and they believe they are right in their views to the point of crucifying any and all who disagree, including The Signal.  They have spread countless rumors, many times based on groundless assumptions.  Here are five comments we’ve heard and my answer to each:

1.    The Signal stifles free speech.  Actually, we have tried to provide a place for as many different opinions to be published and considered as possible. We try to print as many letters to the editor as we can to allow for diverse opinions.  We do not agree with all opinions we print but we respect them for what they are even if they are critical of us.  What other business do you know that allows people to write letters to criticize the way they do business and sends them to all their customers?  

2.    The Signal controls what news is reported.  Well, yes we do in a way.  We have a limited amount of space in the paper and limited news gathering resources.  It’s a tough job putting the news puzzle together and we only have a few hours to do it each day.  We decide what news to report but it’s not done to conform to some kind of mass conspiracy.  There has to be control or there is no control.  Like anyone, we sometimes make mistakes but we try to correct them when noted.  We appreciate readers who send us news and that helps tremendously.

3.    The Signal is just part of the “liberal media.”  This old line is just another excuse for a perceived pattern of reporting that doesn’t fit the agenda of the person making the comment.  We get about as many people who think we are on one side of the fence or the other.  Both sides think we are opposite their view.  Good luck with using that ploy.

4.    The Signal is controlled by Buck McKeon.  Sorry, McKeon bashers, we’re not controlled by anyone but ourselves, but anyone can be influenced, including the media.  Some think the best way to get us to do something they want is to kick us in the mouth.  They spread outright lies and rumors to gather support and they hope we will hear and act on it.  Try doing that to your friend or neighbor and see if that works.  You might see your name in the arrest report.  

5.    The Signal does not report all the facts.  Some of these comments have come, in large part, from people who are not subscribers to the paper.  They haven’t read the paper so they don’t think we’re covering the news.  But they aren’t willing to pay the $1.92 we ask to deliver the paper every day of the week.  If they don’t read the paper, how could they know what’s in it?   Not all we have in the paper is posted free on our website.   Our mission is to serve our subscribers and advertisers.  We will listen to all suggestions, but listen more carefully to our customers.

Over the years, the greatest political figures have found ways to use the press, not abuse the press.  Blaming someone else if things aren’t going your way is a sure sign of losers.  Finger pointing is not a solution, but an excuse.  Voters want solutions not excuses.  Candidates, just remember that when you are in office.  Do right and we’ll report it that way.

To our subscribers who have offered constructive suggestions, thank you.   We have a dedicated staff that works hard every day and night to deliver the type of news package you want and need.   News coverage in the Signal is not bought and sold.  It’s earned.  I believe that speaks as well as to our integrity as a real newspaper.  To our advertisers, we appreciate your business.  Stay tuned.


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