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Jim Walker: Karma and the failures of Facebook

Don't Take Me Seriously

Posted: May 25, 2012 1:55 a.m.
Updated: May 25, 2012 1:55 a.m.

Does it not seem ironic that so many people are ranting about Facebook's poor IPO ... on Facebook? I mean, the mere fact you use that social outlet to do your venting only points out your need for it. It's kind of like voting for a candidate you violently oppose, you know, just to teach him the error of his ways.

Now, I saw "The Social Network," so I learned a few bad things about Facebook's leader. And I am also reasonably inept with using Facebook, so I would hardly care if the whole thing just went away. In fact, considering the above, and my innate resentment of anyone who makes a lot more money than I do, I will admit to really enjoying Facebook's IPO flop.

Whoohoo! In your face! Take that ego-boy!

But, you always have to be careful what you wish for ... and what goes around, comes around ... and, boing, apparently Facebook's IPO flop will put billions of dollars less in our state's coffers than anticipated - which will negatively impact our lives on several fronts.

So, Facebook's pain becomes our pain.

Man, are there no sadistic joys left in this world at all? Could you not even give me a few weeks to gloat?

But I will get mine back. I figure Google will make Facebook moot, eventually.

All of this, however, points out the fact that gloating, hubris and megalomania - basically all the good things in life - eventually come back to bite you on the behind. Sooner or later, karma comes after you.

If you think it doesn't, then you haven't been paying attention. Your comeuppances may be coming after you forget the acts that inspired them. But they do find you, whether you realize it or not.


Fast return on infest-ment
Unless you are a complete deadhead or pathologically wired to blame all your problems on outside sources, the fast karma come-arounds are hard to miss.

Take for instance, a guy I heard about who back in the day decided dumping his old, blackened engine oil down the storm drain would be, you know, not so bad. The problem, and the immediate butt-kick from karma, was that he was so dumb he didn't realize the storm drain in back of his house led to the gutter at the front of his house. And soon his car was rolling that blackened oil all over his own driveway - all of which he had to clean up.

Even this guy made that karmic connection.

And then there are the paybacks that are set in motion immediately, but take awhile to arrive in your mailbox.

Take for instance red-light cameras. You might not even notice you have triggered one (not really likely with the big flash) but, even if you do notice, by the time the ticket comes to your house - you know, the one with the photo of you that looks as bad as Mel Gibson during a roadside rant - you may have forgotten your previous transgression. Even so, the ticket tells you A + B = $480, and what goes around, comes around.

And, finally, there are the fast paybacks that ring your chimes, whether you remember what you did or not. Going 12 rounds with Jose Cuervo falls into that category. Jose doesn't care if you are punished the same night or the next day. Even if you can't remember a thing, you will be punished.


The slow burn
Those who don't believe in cosmic payback (or even simple logical consequences) are usually led down that path of error because of delayed outcomes. For example, the teeth of habitual lemon-suckers don't dissolve away immediately. It takes a long time - and then they sue the powers that be for neglecting to put fluoride in their water.

Those who repeatedly ignore parking tickets are somehow always surprised when a cellphone pull-over turns into an impounding of their Pinto.

And, finally, a dad who coldly withholds love from his son, or a "Mommy Dearest" may not notice the boy's obsessive interest in taxidermy. And, years later, they may still not put two and two together when the FBI begins to dig up human bones at the young man's "ranch."

I'm just sayin', what goes around comes around - so keep your eyes open Z-man.

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