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Melt away your muffin top

Posted: March 16, 2012 2:00 a.m.
Updated: March 16, 2012 2:00 a.m.

Turn an old-school bench press into a muffin-top meltdown by using half the bench so your core has to work harder to stabilize.

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You’ve already been doing crunches every day (alright … you’ve been thinking that you should be doing crunches every day, but haven’t got around to it yet) but aren’t seeing the results in your stomach that you want — and spring break is almost here. 

Maybe you haven’t heard the latest: Crunches are no longer the “go-to” exercise for creating a lean six pack.

Instead, include core exercises where your stomach has to engage to stabilize. 

Also, make one simple change in your exercise routine to turn your whole workout into a core strengthening, ab sculpting, flat belly plan.

That change is to hold the dumbbell in one hand, on one side of your body.

This offsets the load of the exercise and you have just completely transformed a squat, a lunge or any exercise into a compound effective exercise that will melt your muffin top away in no time.

Loading the body on one-side forces your core to work to stabilize.

The key — really work to stand straight up fighting the forces pulling you to one side and you’ll be using the exact muscles you need to get a flat stomach. 

In addition, you’ll burn more calories because your body won’t be used to it. And the best part you don’t have to lay on the ground to do it, like the dreaded crunches.

Add these four offset strength exercises to your routine and see quick results.
Offset squat

Perform a basic squat exercise. Change: Instead of holding two dumbbells on either side, hold one dumbbell on one side, but continue to stand up straight as you lower into the squat using your core to fight the offset load.

Offset lunge

Perform a dumbbell lunge. Change: Instead of holding two dumbbells on either side, hold one dumbbell on the opposite side of your leg that is in front.

Continue to stand up straight without leaning to one side as you lower into the lunge using your core to fight the offset load.

Offset overhead press

Anytime you are standing instead of sitting, your core is working, so stand any chance you get while you are exercising.

Also, anytime you press a weight overhead, your core switches on to brace the load.

Add in the change of pressing one side up at a time and you have your core working in overdrive.

Offset dumbbell press

Turn an “old school” bench press into a muffin top meltdown by only using half the bench so your hips are unsupported and your core has to work harder to stabilize.

In addition using one arm at a time you’ll really be putting a demand on your mid section.

Try adding these four exercises to your routine to shake things up and melt your muffin top before spring break.

Rachel Cosgrove is the author of “The Female Body Breakthrough” and co-owner of Results Fitness. For more information, visit or call (661) 799-7900. Results Fitness is located at 24420 Walnut St., Newhall. The views and opinions expressed are those of Cosgrove and do not necessarily represent the views of The Signal.


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