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Explore the colors of Christmas

Decor: Red and green aren’t your only options for holiday decorating

Posted: November 19, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: November 19, 2011 1:55 a.m.

A variety of unique decorations for the holidays can be found in all colors and styles at The Decor Store in Valencia.

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Sure, you’ve still got next week’s big Thanksgiving gathering ahead of you, and your home is currently all done up in the colors of fall. Kudos. But you’ve got to be prepared, my friends.

The day after Thanksgiving, instead of doing your usual Black Friday thing, why not push out the pumpkins, rake out the leaves and get your Christmas décor up? And, remember, you don’t have to be satisfied with the rat-chewed heirlooms you’ve stored in the garage for 20 years.

This year, anything goes in holiday décor, and one of the best places to get ideas is The Décor Store in Stevenson Ranch. A walk through the store at this time of year is almost like a visit to a holiday-themed amusement park.

Around each corner is a new and different, fairytale vision of the holidays. From sugarplums and candy to wilderness to ice and snow to gingerbread — and, yes, even traditional. The themes will amaze and inspire.

Pretty much anything you need, from artificial Christmas trees, to wreaths and garland to knickknacks, bulbs, stuffed animals and nearly life-sized Santas, awaits. And Carolyn McLintock, manager of the store (or one of her employees), can certainly advise. McLintock is also the head designer for her store and one of the buyers for the overall company.

Below are just a few of her thoughts, but, overall, she said, “Stay with one theme and style for your holiday decorating. It makes shopping for décor easier and makes your space feel professionally finished. 


Snowmen, angels

“I know that, in California, it seems silly to have Christmas tree decorations focused on snow,” McLintock said. “But it’s also fun to create that wintery scene by choosing snowflake ornaments, garlands and snowmen doing all sorts of things.” She added that snowmen and Santas can be whimsical and fun, especially if you have children.

“Angels are elegant and beautiful. You can never have enough angels in your life,” she said.



McLintock said that candy canes, candy garlands, cut-out cookies, popcorn and cranberries, cookie cutters and mini kitchen utensils work great for the sweets or gingerbread themes. And these themes are very appropriate for a tree in the kitchen of anyone who loves to cook or eat, she noted.



“Using plaid ribbon, feathery owls, small creatures of the wilderness, pine cones and flowers or berries and sticks, you can achieve a wonderful, rustic look for your Christmas tree,” McLintock said. And any cabin or family room will feel welcoming and cozy if you decorate your Christmas tree around this theme.


Personal themes

“A child will feel special with a tree decorated to focus on his special interest, such as sports or just being a teenager,” McLintock said. And memories of family getaways or vacations are also a great way decorate a Christmas tree.


How-to holidays

Though Christmas decorating is often whimsical and temporary, McLintock said, it’s a good idea to follow many of the same decorating principles that you’d use when decorating your home for the long run. 

* Let the smells of the holiday season warm up your home. Place a few scented candles throughout your home so you catch that smell every day. The best place for candles is the bathroom, McLintock said. The scent is strongest in the smallest rooms.

* It’s always fun to have a family tradition that the kids can be involved in and help with. Get a plain pine wreath and get some items to decorate it with. You can use pine cones, ribbon, any ornaments, birds, butterflies or beaded garlands, and you can add a small sign that has a holiday greeting.

n Move your furniture around to give your space a different look and feel for the holidays. Create a focal point in the room for the family Christmas tree or the fireplace, where the stockings will be hung.

* “Some of our customers like to have a theme, such as Santas, snowmen or angels, and they collect a few new ones each year,” McLintock said. “Or each room can have a different theme. The living room is more elegant, so they choose angels, and the kitchen is warm and cozy. They may have a small gingerbread theme in there.” 



 “We have an upside-down tree and are always asked why. Some customers think it’s not natural, or is sacrilegious,” McLintock said. “I checked into the meaning behind the upside-down tree, and you may be surprised to know that an upside-down tree is actually not so new. Hanging fir trees upside-down goes back to the Middle Ages, when Europeans did it to represent the Trinity.”

She went on to explain that upside-down trees were recently introduced to retailers for in-store displays, so more ornaments could be displayed at eye level to the buying public. And they left more floor space to hold extra stocks of decorations.

“The tree we have in the store was very fun to decorate — completely different than decorating a regular tree. Everything hangs down and the emphasis is on the ornaments and decorations. It’s quite elegant. It’s not your Christmas morning tree, rather a tree for entertaining,” McLintock said.


Other ideas

McLintock  said that, if you’re like most people, you don’t have much time left at the end of a busy day to do anything extra. But at this time of year, you want to do something to make your home look festive and special and create the wonderful Christmas holiday atmosphere.

“You’ll find some ideas here for quick and simple ways to add a festive look to your home without spending a lot of time or money,” McLintock said. “And you’ll have time left over to really enjoy Christmas. Most of our ideas are very easy, many are free, and none takes more than a minimum of time and effort.”

McLintock said you might put a wreath or swag on every door you have.

“Of course, start with the front door to welcome guests. Go on to the back door, inside and out. Remember over the mantle and in all your front windows. Don’t forget bedroom doors, inside and out.”

She said you might fill a pretty basket with traditional candy canes and set it on the coffee table or entry table. Use leftover greens from your Christmas tree to make a few quick arrangements in simple bowls. Place a simple arrangement in a bookcase, on the bathroom sink, on the kitchen windowsill and on occasional tables. Put pine cones with ornaments and bows in a bowl or basket. An you could decorate your bathroom or kitchen with small poinsettias.

“Sprinkle artificial snow across your tabletop or buffet or on house plants,” McLintock said. “Or place shiny ornaments in a clear glass bowl or vase. Embellish indoor plants or trees with shiny ornaments.”

“The holiday season is personal for everyone and has a different meaning for every family,” McLintock said. Create your own style and add to it each year. It should be fun, and involve the whole family.

The Decor Store is located at 25658 The Old Road in Valencia (next to Old Navy). (661) 255-7445 and the website is



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