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Flutter Power, Tornadoes storm through Valley

Posted: October 30, 2008 10:27 p.m.
Updated: January 1, 2009 5:00 a.m.

Little boys of the AYSO Region 678 Under 6 squad Wasps compete recently at Peachland Elementary School in Newhall.

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Region 1441

Boys Under 6
Transformers, Tornados
Transformers: Matthew Colgan and Kenny Forte both had super goals while Will Kratzer, Jake Desantis and Keiran McKinney all played a great game.
Patriots, Green Hornets
Patriots: Aidan Stout pounded the net with an exciting goal while Riley White and Xavier Patwell both put in a tremendous effort.
Fireballs, Black Thunder
Fireballs: Gunner Gubelli, Ryan Verbeck and Diego Chavez all scored spectacular goals while Robby Leggat was a big wall on defense.
Blue Lightning, Maroon Martians
Blue Lightning: Cade LaRochelle and Jonathan Horowitz both had amazing goals while Matthew Cisneros and Matthew Leach hustled hard on the field.

Flutter Power, Pink Crushers
Flutter Power: Mia Noble, Samantha Pearce, Alayna Rush and Emma Dvorak all scored exciting goals. Pink Crushers: Tori Waldeck, Sarah Allen and Kaylee Richard all slammed the net with strong goals.

Boys Under 8
Green Geckos, Green Dragons
Green Geckos: Luke Fowble and Ryan Fiero had great goals while Nonnie Howard, Jonathan Piedra and Angel Eros all hustled hard on the field. Green Dragons: Ricky Tons, Abhinav Behl and Caden Carlson all scored amazing goals while Justin Hall, Joshua Hall and Jacob Ventura all played a strong game.
Kung Fu Pandas, Scorpions
Kung Fu Pandas: Ethan Cornell was great at goal, Nathanial Bello had good hustling and Anthony Villareal showed tremendous effort.
Orange Crush, Sharks
Orange Crush: Parker Reilly pounded the net with exciting goals while Cash Jones, Justin Reilly and Tyler Robles all played a strong game.
Blue Jets, Gold Knights
Blue Jets: Peter Molina scored incredible goals while Justin Neuman, Johnny Buchanan and Taylor Kozlon all played an incredible game.
Blue Rockets, Dragon Force
Blue Rockets: Hunter Potrykus, Andy Guzman and Evan Dean all made some amazing goals.

Bumblebees, Panda Bears
Bumblebees: Hariah Eros scored a great goal.
Dragons, Blew By You
Dragons: Laura O'Connor, Lacy Rawlins and Alyssa Tapis all smashed the net with exciting goals while Stephanie Frank, Macayla Paragas and Kate Parrish were all playin' strong on the field.

Boys Under 10
Rampage 3, Rangers 1
Rampage: Tyler Mendes and Max Gutierrez both smashed the net with electrifying goals with an assist from Jake Gomez. Jake Gilbert did a great job as keeper. Rangers: Harrison Koury blasted one in the net while Tyler Capistrano, Alex Villareal and Logan Reilly all played an amazing game.
Toxic Shock 5, Eagles 1
Toxic Shock: Diego Valencia and Tyler LeBlanc scored awesome goals from great passes from their teammates. Chandler Joost and Oliver Lozano were a huge threat on defense while Michael Lozano played really well on offense.

Hot Hot Jalapenos 4, Stingers 0
Hot Hot Jalapenos: Kimy Leggat and Lindsay Allen both had electrifying goals while Trio Simpson, Mauri Dobbs and Brittany Cornell played incredible defense. Stingers: Courtney Valdivia, Hannah Schmidt and Skyelar Ingersoll all put in a tremendous effort.
Oompa Loompas 2, Rough Raiders 2
Oompa Loompas: Hannah Mateus scored both exhilarating goals while Ashley Tapia, Megan Sander and Jamie Moffatt played a strong game. Rough Raiders: Essence Rodriguez had 2 amazing goals while Lisa Mirzaian and Kelia Paragas both played excellent.
Cotton Candy Warriors 3, Tropical Thunder 3
Cotton Candy Warriors: Lauren Ramos and Melissa Gonzalez both smashed the net with strong goals while Becca Kysar, Alexandria Llamas and Lauren Ramos all played a great game. Tropical Thunder: Jordan Anderson, Serene Scott and Hannah Stillson all blasted in goals while Savannah Skogebo, Nicolette Tons and Camryn Utvich all put in a tremendous effort.
Orange Crush 5, Firecrackers 0
Orange Crush: Erin Meottel and Kimmi Anderson both scored amazing goals while Victoria Violet, Alyssa Vu and Tara Trail all played a strong game.

Boys Under 12
Riptide 7, Giant Red Pandas 1
Riptide: Mike Gresko, Korby Minasian, Christian Juico and Tyler Vicente all scored thrilling goals while Chris Rodela, David Wells hustled hard on the field. Andrew Olafsson had some great assists.
Furies 6, Grass Monsters 4
Furies: Sean Margalit, Josh Colgan and Jeremy Fuentes all blasted the net with powerful goals. Taylor Infuso had an amazing defensive game. Grass Monsters: Dylan Bielanski, Dave Nussbaum, Garrett Vaughn and Owen Turner all scored fantastic goals while Chase McMillon and Matt St. Amand all played a great game.
Magic 3, Juventes 2
Magic: Harrison Reilly and Scott Caputo both smashed the net with strong goals while Morgan Baybridge had a great assist. Zachary Pierce put in an excellent effort and Tyler Morlan was wonderful at blocking.

Blue Rockets 4, Blue Ribbons 1
Blue Rockets: Paola Parades, Sara Silvestro and Erin Delgado all pounded the net with thrilling goals while Lauren Argueta, Jax Anderson and Annie Castellon all played a strong game.
Blue Ribbons: Mariah Lopez scored a great PK while Sydnee Jones, Ashley Vasquez and Samantha Pessin all played great.
Martians 6, Maroon Madness 1
Martians: Jessica Conn, Amanda Perez and Haley Fernandez all scored some fantastic goals with some assists from Jessica Conn and Julianne Throckmorton. Lauren Valdivia, Jessy Holen and Jessica Rodriguez all played amazing games.
Cyclones 3, Yellow Fever 1
Yellow Fever: Tiffani Caputo was on fire and scored all three goals. Andrea Marroquin was huge on defense and helped keep the goal safe. Sarah Cook and Emme Parrish had great offensive games.

Royal Pains 3, Eclipse 2
Eclipse: Lindsey McMillon and Eryn Bielanski both blasted in a goal.
Roadrunners 4, Royal Icebreakers 1
Roadrunners: Maribel Castillo, Alex Federico and Kiki Riddle all scored big goals while Monica Guldo was awesome in defending.

Region 46

Boys Under 8
Blue Dynamite vs Transformers
Blue Dynamite: Ben Bewley scored a goal with an assist from Nathan St. Amand. Kevin Schreiber scored three goals with assists from Ben Bewley and Nathan St. Amand. Alex Miller and Isaac Kim were the top defenders. Nathan Marr was the top offensive player.
Blue Ninjas vs Leap'in Lizards
Blue Ninjas: Adrian Bustios scored three goals and Timmy Melzian scored one.
Neon Knights vs Fireflames
Neon Knights: Cameron Warr scored three goals with assists from Gregory Salazar. Justin Prager scored a goal. Shane Kinsley and Sean Stiffel were the top defenders and did a great job.
Jedis vs Scorpions
Jedis:Cade Flebbe scored two goals and Andrew Cantu scored four.
Dragonslayers vs Green Dragons
Dragonslayers: Jacob Florez scored a goal and was on fire. Josh Macleod scored a goal and was unstoppable. Kevin Konrad scored and was a force to be reckoned with. The top players were Kyle Ward who kept the center strong, Matthew Dardone way to go right center, and Tyler Michelstein way to go defense.

Flames vs Tornados
Flames: Seth Pasqual scored the 1st goal of the game. Alexi Devita scored a goal and played great defense.
Gators vs Ninjas
Gators: Nelson Vidis, Koko Sinanian, Kobe Aleck, and Reece Aleck all scored goals. Gators include: Matthew Young, Nick DePaco, Nelson Vidis, Koko Sinanian, Kobe Aleck, Reece Aleck, and Jonathan Finn.

Blue Lightning vs Purple Butterflies
Blue Lightning
Julia Palmer scored a goal. Hannah Fox had the assist and great hustle.
Purple Butterflies
Karina Whetsel scored two goals with an assist from Kelly Whetsel. Hannah Vera scored two goals with an assist from Kelly Whetsel. Kelly Whetsel scored two goals with an assist from Karina Whetsel. Jessica Raffil scored a goal with an assist from Karina Whetsel. Jackie Randall and Lauren Goldberg were the top defenders.
Silver Stars vs Purple Puppies
Silver Stars
Catherine Connolly scored a goal with an assist from Jenna Culotta. Kennedy Agron, Ivie Sanchez, and Jenna Cullotta each scored a goal.
Purple Puppies
First goal by Hevan Spirito! Isabella Cuadra saves a score from opposite team with a back kick. Isabella Cuadra scores.
The Lemonaters vs The Green Gophers
The Lemonaters:
Presley Stronach and Julia Schimmels were the top players of the game.
Sunkist Sweethearts vs Pink Dolphins
Sunkist Sweethearts
Caedon Barraclough-Keith and Kelly Custard got two goals. Julie Jimenz played great offense and defense.
Blue Dolphins vs Pop Starz
Blue Dolphins:
Hope Weidman scored two goals with an assist from Evann Smith. Caroline Uhrig scored a goal with an assist by Aleeah Brunsmann. Evann Smith scored a goal with an assist by Emily Bradford. Rachel Ramirez scored a goal with an assist by Caroline Uhrig. Great play by Emily Bradford, Aleeah Brunsmann, and Ainsley Bronskill.
Purple Gumdrops vs RockStars
Purple Gumdrops:
Brianna Ford scored a goal. Kyra Christensen, Hannah DiSilvero, and Angelica Babinski -played offense and did good kicking. Kaleigh Crawford and Paulina Nunez- were the defenders and had great blocking.
The Flying Unicorns vs Pink Cheetas
The Flying Unicorns:
Emily Cervantez scored three goals. Lily Shaffer scored two goals with assists from Emily Cervantes. Emily Cervantez was the top player of the game.
Lucky Charms vs Kitty Cats
Lucky Charms:
Courtney Andersen, Madison Park, Ayssa Delso, and Carissa Euwein each scored a goal. Brianna Miranda scored two goals. Brianna Miranda was the top player of the game.
Boys under 12
Desert Eagles 5, Saber Wolves 1
Joshua Fea, Jake Fuller, Grant Kassan and Kaleb Roberts (2) scored for the Eagles.
Cobras 4, Killer Cobras 8
Jonathan Wachter and Nathan Elvington scored twice for the Cobras. Josh Garcia scored one, Trevor Mangan and Alec Chadwick scored twice and Bryan Espinoza had three for the Killer Cobras.
Flames 2, Red Thunder 3
Tim Kahovec and Austin Hartman scored for the Flames.

Blue Thunder, Supreme Team
Amanda Traweek, Ashley Orandi and Sandy Granados scored for the Thunder.
Terminators, IDK Krew
Lily Boring scored for the Terminators.
Lighting Strikers 3, Confusion 2
Jasmine Parada had a hat trick for the Strikers
Pink Ladies 2, Lazers 2
Sarah Dulac had two goals for the Ladies. Ashley Rendall and Christina Ewart scored for the Lazers.
Purple Piranhas 2, Oompa Loompas 4
Katie Presley scored twice for the Piranhas.

Boys under 14
FC Saugus 5, Blue Crew 1
Joe Cox and Steven Reano scored twice a piece, Austin Reilly had two assists and Darrin Harper had one goal for the FC Saugus. Brian Harrison scored for the Crew.
Wipeout 1, Red Bulls 1
Brenden Ashley scored for the Wipeout.


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