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Try Togo’s Party Footers

Togo’s has big things available for your big parties

Posted: September 23, 2011 6:00 a.m.
Updated: September 23, 2011 6:00 a.m.

Three-toothpick-plus sections of the roast beef on honey whole-wheat bread, foreground, and the turkey on classic white bread.

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As you might expect, heads prairie-dogged and mouths drooled when two gentlemen from Togo's brought in two giant sanwiches for our Signal staffers to sample. Robert Dorian, who owns both of the local Togo's franchises, and Aaron Ready, Togo's regional marketing manager, were helping us all become aware of just what the chain has available for large-party feeding.

Togo's Party Footers, as they are called, can be ordered in any length, from one to eight feet - but the longer sandwiches require a 24-hour notice because the bread, baked fresh, is all one piece. From $13.99 to $14.99 per foot, depending on what kind of sandwich you order, the Party Footers are only available on classic white bread or honey whole-wheat bread.

Ready noted that, when Togo's first opened in 1971 in San Jose, it was the eight-foot sandwiches that set them apart, and he emphasized the three other things that make Togo's better: quality ingredients, one-on-one service in the restaurant, and party catering.

Dorian said that, coming from a different background than restaurants, he did a lot of research before he chose a franchise to open, and it was Togo's quality ingredients that helped him make his decision (that and having eaten a lot of Togo's over the past decades). Only specific vendors provide Togo's ingredients and if Dorian isn't satisfied with something he sends it back. He also emphasizes customer service and hires people to work in his two Togo's who have that kind of perosnality.
"I train them the right way," he said.

The Party Footers come wrapped, on a "board" so they stay fresh and are easy to handle and slice. (Most people prefer to slice them themselves, but you can order them sliced.) Toothpicks are conveniently placed along the sandwiches for easy measuring.

We had two, three-foot long Party Footers. One was turkey on classic white bread with Swiss cheese, and one was roast beef on honey whole-wheat bread with provolone cheese. Both were done up "Togo's Way" with light mayo, lettuce, tomato, red onions, pickles, salt and pepper - but with the mustard, Italian dressing, pepperoncinis and extra mayo on the side. In retrospect, for a group feeding such as this, the onions should have been on the side and maybe even the tomatoes and pickles. Maybe I should have gone without any mayo on the sandwich as well. Other than that, both sandwiches were a big hit.

And now, the comments:

Jim Walker - Had both. "The turkey on white was so full, fresh and crunchy, offering so many flavors, from savory to tangy. It just tasted ‘healthy.' The roast beef was loaded with meat, making a meal in a two-inch wide slice. It had the same crunch as the turkey, with the wholesomeness of the whole-wheat bread thrown in."

Lila Littlejohn - Had the roast beef. "There was lots of meat. It had a little too much onion, otherwise it was really good."

Lynn Ammerman - Had the roast beef. "It was the best! Yum!" She would have preferred it without the mayonnaise.

Kevin Smith - Had the roast beef. "The sandwich components are very basic but very high quality. There is no gimmicky or fad ingredient. It is just an old fashioned, good sandwich. It was good just the way it was. I just added a little mayo."

Maureen Daniels - Had the turkey, and liked the ratio of meat to bread ... "very generous portions of turkey and cheese!" However, she does not appreciate onion during working hours.

Yvette Guigneaux - Had both. "The oat grain wheat bread went nice with the roast beef. I liked the salad dressing mixture for the turkey. It gave a good, tangy flavor."

Deana Mattert - Had the roast beef and liked "the freshness of the meat and the flavor." She would have preferred no pickles. "Other than that it was great."

Matt Boyle - Had the roast beef. "Good bread, good crisp lettuce, just enough meat. I would have left the tomatoes out, but that's just me."

Karen Peraza - "The roast beef was calling me. The bread was very tasty! The meat was flavorful." She liked the sandwich just the way it was.

Pamela Conley - Had the roast beef. "The bread was yummy. All the ingredients are fresh. Black olives may have added more flavor."

Joseph Warren - Had the turkey. "The meat wasn't dry and had a good flavor." He would rather not have had pickles or onions on it.

Yvette DiDomenico - Had the roast beef. "Yum! Tasty, fresh and a decent amount of meat. I added the Italian dressing." She thought the sandwiches were perfect.

Daniel Agnew - Had the roast beef. He liked the wheat bread and the fresh taste and would have preferred spicy peppers and no tomatoes on the sandwich.

Cary Osborne - Had the turkey. "Good taste. The bread was actually better than Subway." He isn't a fan of mayo, however.

Joey Gulino - Had the turkey. "All the ingredients came together and formed a fresh taste." He doesn't like pickles.

Perry Smith - Had both. "Lots of meat. The vinaigrette dressing was good." He thought the sandwiches were delicious just the way they were.

Ray Bowden - Had both. "The turkey struck me as good but slightly bland. The roast beef was quite good. The roast beef was robust, the way I like it. The turkey needs to be ‘spiced up' a bit."

Christy Packard - Had both. "The turkey sandwich was moist and melted in my mouth. Very tasty!" She thought everything was good, but for a group there should be no mayo or mustard on the sandwich so things don't get soggy. "Then everyone can choose their fixin's."

Togo's also offers party trays that will feed up to 16 people. The two Santa Clarita franchises of Togo's (both owned by Robert Dorian) are located at:

28166 Newhall Ranch Road, Valencia, CA 91354; (661) 310-1800.

24321 Magic Mountain Parkway, Valencia, CA 91355; (661) 288-1114.


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