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Green Alligators and Long Neck Geese

Soccer from AYSO Regions 678, 1441 and 46

Posted: October 9, 2008 9:21 p.m.
Updated: December 11, 2008 5:00 a.m.
Boys under 8

Neon Knights vs. The Dragon Slayers
Justin Prager tallied three times, Cameron Warr scored twice, while Sean Stiffel scored once.

Stiffel did an outstanding job at offense and Justin Prager showed his determination and athletic abilities throughout the game and was the top player of the game.

Lightning vs. Black Knights
Robert Ferialdi scored twice goals

Transformers vs. Lizards
Alex Tsatryan, Owen Hand, Trenton Burke and Luis Aldeco all played very well.

Blue Ninjas vs. Dynamite Tigers
Adam Feffer and Eric Johnson recorded two goals each, while Gage Davenport, Minjoon Kang and Adrian Bustios picked up one apiece.

Dynamite Tigers vs. Blue Ningas
Bobby Orr and Travis Mathias played a good game.

Jedis vs. Ningas
Andrew Cantu had three goals Cade Flebbe scored twice and Chasen Arima added one goal

Girls under 8
Sunkist Sweethearts vs. Purple Puppies

Caedon BarrachloughKeith scored two goals, while Kelly Custard scored one.

Purple Puppies vs. Sunkist Sweethearts
Hevan Spirito scores from mid field and great team work by all playing in the rain.

The Lemonaters vs. Blue Diamonds
Priscilla Arguelles scored a goal, while Presley Stronach scored two.

Boys under 10
Sharkshooters 5, Orange Crush 3

Goal scorers for Sharkshooters was Zach Phipps who tallied all five points.

The Pirates 5, The Outlaws 4
Goal scorers for the Pirates was Matthew Salerno swho put in all five. Top players were Sam Stratton and Joey Johnson.

Quicksilver 9, Ghostriders 4
Goal scores for Ghostriders was Danny Wibbels and Robert Meechan with two apiece. The top players were Justin Fox, Cameron Gayer, Ryan Scalzo and Matthew Rica.

Lightening Bolts 7, Firestorm 3
Goal scorers for Firestorm was Derek De Leon who put in all three goals. Top players were Shayan Raofi and Brandon Striegel.

Lemonators 4, Furious Vipers 1
Goal scorers for Lemonators were Kemper Petit with three and Lars Heinstedt with one. Top players were Jake Spivek and Alex Carpentor.

Avalanche 3, Vipers 2
Goal scorers for Avalanche was Joshua Nua scoring two, one which was assisted by Allann Orellana and another goal scored by Allann Orellana.

Top players were Abraham Ornelas, Jack Barrett, Sean Gennano, Nickie DiTomaso, Joshua Choi and Sean Maycleck.

Girls under 10
Fighting Frogs vs. Purple Vikings

Makena Bambrick scored one goal, while Malia Bambrick scored two.

Aggressive defense by Margaux Tolley. Great hussel by Malia Bambrick & Alyssa Villa.

Vipers vs. Lemonheads
Noelle Ferrante (Kaitlyn Anglim & Katherine Altieri)

Blue Lightning vs. Ice Breakers
Nicole Mair did something in this game.

Shooting Stars vs. Wild Tigers
Shooting Stars: Jill Moutan and Chantel Batchelore did something in this game.

Wild Tigers: Ashlee Ane and Kayla Quilantarg each scored two goals. Allison Nobles and Brooke Tripp also scored.

Olivia Kornesay and Katie Tamura each made six saves as goalies. Brooke Tripp was on fire made seven amazing saves as goalie. The entire team played amazingly well and braved the wet and cold weather.

Lemonheads vs. Vipers
Nicole Canevari scored twice.

Bubble Gum Girls vs. Red Devils
Monica Busfield scored two goals while Christina Spinello and Sarah Baranda played well.

Girls under 12
Pink Ladys 5, Terminators 1
Goal scores for Pink Ladys was Sarah Pagano, Sarah Dulee, Ciera Crawford (2 goals) and Renee Gaumond.

Lightning Strikes (8) vs Oompa Loompa (1)
Goal scores for Lightning Strikes was Jasmine Parada who scored four goals, Kylie Hofferbos with two goals, and Katherine Petina and Katie Book with one each.

Top players wer Tiffany Fadidian, Haley Cabot and Katie Book.

Confusion 2, Blue Thunder 1
The top player for the Blue Thunder was Sandy Granados.

Boys under 14
Wipeout 8, Predators 0

Brendon Pomilia and Dylan Cessna both recorded hat tricks and Colin Maher scored one for the Wipeout.

FC Saugus 3, Titans 1
Steven Reano had a great assist to Joe Cox and Austin Reilly and Alex Allevato also scored for FC Saugus.

Red Bulls 2, Manchester United 0
Jason Park and Skyler Park scored for the Bulls.

Blue Crew 2, The Green 1
Brian Harrison and Ian Lipman scored for the Crew.
Boys under 5
Scorpions vs. Lightening Sharks
Scorpions: Nathan Bernards, Cameron Sathre and Oliver Munn-Oberg all scored. Tristen Stacey played a good game.

Flower Power vs. Bumblebees
Flower Power: Grace Bakoo scored, and good dribbling by Vanessa Voltz.

Boys under 6
Thunderbolts vs. Snakes
Thunderbolts: Jason Lucero made the solo goal.

Silver Jets vs. Bulldawgs
Silver Jets: Evan Shumaker and Lucas Robinson each scored. Hat Tick by Tucker Davis. Nick Shorch, Peter Harris and Cameron Messman played tough defense.

Tiger Lilies vs. Green Apples

Tiger Lilies: Goals made by Cassie Taylor, Valery Trejo and Abigail Heredia. Sienna Frye and Katalina Ortiz played great defense.

Red Kickers vs. Pumpkin Princesses
Red Kickers: Jenna Violin scored three with another goal by Kayla Badie. Nicole Cohen helped assist.

Blue Dolphins vs. Bumble Bees
Blue Dolphins: Sarah Lopez, Isabella Caracciolo and Cameron Shea all scored.
Alyssa Ngo played great defense.

Boys under 7
Blue Sharks vs. Blue Dragons
Blue Sharks: Goals made by Jacob Gendein, Daniel Lee and Adam Zdawczyk

Pink Pixies vs. Wildcats
Pink Pixies: Sydney Marbach and Maridian Maylnn scored goals. Great defense played by Rachael Theberge.

Flying Hawks vs. Fire balls
Flying Hawks: Kaitlyn Witt scored. Landon Schobert and Cecilia Adame both played great defense.

Electric Lemonade vs. Mighty Cheetahs
Electric Lemonade: Sadie Cooper and Chloe Bullough both scored.

Boys under 8
Swarming Yellowjackets vs. Fireballs

Swarming Yellowjackets: Goals scored by Ryan Arkin and Ryan Tucker. Jonathan Dalisay and Vincent Broz made strong attacking runs. Connor Leahy played strong defense.

Asteroids vs. Red Rockets
Asteroids: Julian Verrier had great shots on goal while Jackson Meyer had a great assist. Good defense played by Karson Barret and Cade Albright in goal.

Gray Gladiators vs. Yellojackets
Gray Gladiators: Great passing by Alex Baltazar, Tony Sanford, Daniel LaForteza and Gladamir Juarez.

Orange and Black Attack vs. Galaxy Girls
Orange and Black Attack: Goals scored by Sonora Bartley, Laurynn Burkhead, Brooke Helgeson and Sydney Illum. Good hustle by Noelani Hernandez and good offensive play by Brescia Gonzalez.

Pink Bellied Lizards vs. Green Dragons
Pink Bellied Lizards: Two goals scored by Faith Perlman. Veronica Saatzer played great offense while Hannah Banks and Erica Appelbaum played great defense.

Tangerine Tigers vs. Grape Balls of Fire
Tangerine Tigers: Great job Ayden McKenzie. You did a great job running and showed good teamwork.

Dragons vs. Sharks
Dragons: Jay Kim scored all four goals in an outstanding game.

Boys under 10
Red Devils 8, Fire Lizards 1
Red Devils: Elijah Ebe scored six, while Brennan Gadd scored twice. Outstanding playing by Charles Schlicker, Ryan Deeb and Tyson Drake. Fire Lizards: Steven Bobadilla scored and Cameron Williams played great defense.

Dare Devils 7, Ghost Riders 2
Dare Devils: Goals made by Michael Valenica 6, and Austin Ketterling 1. Great defense by Riley Witt and Conner Chassman.

Hurricanes 5, Cobras 1
Hurricanes: Keegan Gothie scored three, Jimmy Brooks and Diego Reneria had one each.

Team played unbeatable defense.

Cobras: Amar Khokhar pounded the net with a thrilling goal. Good defense played by Christian DelHoyo, Derek Moskal and Isacc Montes.

Hammerheads 3, Sky Nights 0
Hammerheads: Goals made by Jared Spickard, Jayden Nguyen and Woojai Kim with his first goal.

Bone Crushers 3, Exterminators 1
Bone Crushers: Preston Pope, Chas Messman and Julio Jarez scored to give them their first win.

Green Dragons 6, Red and Black Attack 2
Green Dragons: Daniel Kim scored four goals and Issac Magana and Jovanny Torres adding 1 goal each. Great defense played by Edgar Salazar Jr. and Andrew Raygoza.

Cyclones 6, Chaos Crew 3
Cyclones: Cullen O'Brien scored a hat trick. Other goals made by Jason Bunkell and Ryan Grywczynski. Great game by all.

Boys under 6

Fireballs, Patriots
Fireballs: Ryan Verbeck, Gunner Gubelli and Diego Chavez all scored some super goals while Robby Leggat played a spectacular defense. Patriots: Xavier Patwell, Aidan Stout and Gunnar Andersen all put in a tremendous effort.

Tornados, Green Hornets
Tornados: Caden West, Ty Morrison and Matthew Dewey all scored goals.

Black Bombers, Green Cobra Snakes
Black Bombers: Noah Reilly and Cade Meyers all slammed the net with amazing goals while Gregory Roberge and Victor Alvarado played a great game.

Maroon Madness, Jedi Knights
Maroon Madness: Brayden Bennett, Dreaux Bennett and Hunter Lysholm all scored strong goals.

Blue Lightning, Yellow Rockets
Blue Lightning: A.J. Mowry, Jonathan Horowitz, Matthew Leach and Cade LaRochelle all scored magnificent goals while Matthew Cisneros showed excellent hustle.

Boys under 8
Green Geckos, Dragon Force
Green Geckos: Nonnie Howard, Luke Fowble and Angel Eros all scored amazing goals while Ryan Fiero,
Enrique Robles and Jonathan Piedra put in a tremendous effort.

Green Dragons, The Sharks
Green Dragons: Caden Carlson and Abhinav Behl both scored great goals while Adien Rosette played an exciting game.

Kung Fu Pandas, Golden Knights
Kung Fu Pandas: Josh Richard scored a thrilling goal while Nathaniel Bello and Anthony Villareal both played great all around. Robbie Miller was awesome as goalie.

Blue Rockets, Orange Crush
Blue Rockets: Richard Guzman Jr., Jose Gonzalez and Andy Guzman all pounded the net with electrifying goals. Orange Crush: Parker Reilly scored huge while Tyler Robles, Noah Yohanees and Cash Jones all put in a strong effort.

Purple Thunder, Heart Breakers
Purple Thunder: Heeli Lounibos, Mackenzie Bailey, Sabrina Perez and Taryn Cunningham all scored exciting goals while Emily Keshishi, Malia Mosser and Brandi Reid all played great.

Bumblebees, Rockin' Blueberries
Bumblebees: Natalia Romo scored a huge goal and played a great game.

Pink Panthers, Panda Bears
Pink Panthers: Emily Gonzales and Ashley Leach put in a determined effort while the rest of the Panthers hustled through out the game.

Boys under 10
Chaos 2, Galaxy 2
Chaos: Alan Rodriguez and Jonathon Kazdoy both scored tremendous goals while Justin Faggiano, Matthew Caputo and William McGrory all played a strong game.

Hot Hot Jalapenos 5, Cotton Candy Warriors 0
Hot Hot Jalapenos: Lindsay Allen and Alexa Trujillo both scored fabulous goals while Troi Simpson, Allison Roberge and Mauri Dobbs played awesome defense. Cotton Candy Warriors: Melissa Gonzalez, Makayla Leedom and Denise Anciola all played an exciting game.

Tropical Thunder 4, The Firecrackers 2
Tropical Thunder: JoJo Anderson - a hat trick! A force on the field. Shalyn Robinson had a tremendous goal. Victoria Dietz - fantastic offense, Nicolette Tons - great at goal, Serene Scott - strong game - never backed down.

Oompa Loompas 3, Stingers 2
Oompa Loompas: Leslie Paez and Megan Sander both slammed the net hard with big goals while Hannah Mateus and Megan Sander both put in a tremendous effort.

Stinger: Courtney Valdivia scored both goals while Aditi Behl, Skyelar Ingersoll and Alyssa Manno all played an electrifying game.

Lava Ladies 4, Rough Raiders 1
Lava Ladies: Gabby Woodings and Siena Wells both scored thrilling goals while Luna Morales, Skyler Sustin and Rylee Vazquez all played great all around.

Boys under 12
Juventes 2, Furies 1
Juventes: Kody Edwards scored with a great assist from Brian Mowry. David Santana scored the second huge goal. The whole team played great offensively and defensively.

Furies: Sean Margalit scored an exciting goal while Taylor Infuso was amazing on defense, Joshua Colgan was great on offense and Austin Rosette did a great job as goalie.

Grass Monsters 4, Riptide 1
Grass Monsters: Owen Turner and Dylan Bielanski both slammed the net hard with strong goals while Drew Miles, Garrett Vaughn and Jake Federico all played hard.

Riptide: Mike Gresko scored a huge goal while Christian Juico, Tyler Vicente and Payton Shaw all played a spectacular game. David Wells and Matt Tapanes were great at goal.

Giant Red Pandas 4, Magic 2
Magic: Harrison Reilly hit the net hard with magnificent goals while Anthony Gonzalez and Cesar Sandoval both played a great game. Noah Kempski was great on blocking.

Blue Rockets 3, Martians 1
Blue Rockets: Jessica Reyes, Annie Castellon and Sara Silvestro all had exciting goals while Elyssa Dietz was a force on the field. Jax Anderson was big on defense and Lauren Argueta was playin' tough.

Martians: Jessica Conn scored a huge goal while Brittany Sadra, Julianne Throckmorton and Courtney Sanderson all played an amazing game.

Yellow Fever 2, Blue Ribbons 1
Yellow Fever: Hannah Hoskins scored both thrilling goals while Megan Lowry was MVP in the keeper position. Mackenzie Koerber played a great defense. Blue Ribbons: Liza Donihue scored big while Emily Buchanan, Mariah Lopez and Alexis Lenahan all put in a strong effort.

Maroon Madness 0, Cyclones 0
Maroon Madness: Zoey Rizzo, Sabrina Becerra and Erica Tapanes all played a brilliant game.


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