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Letter: Buck’s claims are hollow, lacking

Posted: June 11, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: June 11, 2011 1:55 a.m.

In response to “GOP’s flubs lead to Dems gaining votes,” June 4:

Kevin Buck would have us believe the Democrat win in New York District 26 was a repudiation of the Republican’s Medicare Plan.

Deeming it a “huge upset,” Buck, oddly, omitted one crucial fact. The Democrat winner garnered one more percentage point than Obama did in losing the district.

Unmentioned was the presence of a phony tea party candidate. Why phony? A three-time Democratic candidate, he spent millions of his own money attacking the Republicans’ Medicare plan. Were it not for his 9 points, the Republican would have won by 5.

About Medicare? Two plans are on the table.

The Democrat plan? Do nothing while demonizing any proposed fixes.

Under the Democrat plan, according to Medicare’s chief actuary, Medicare will be bankrupt in 13 years. The Ryan plan will preserve Medicare as is for everyone over 55 while making modest changes for those under 55.

This is not a new strategy for Democrats. The modern Democrat Party was founded by Martin Van Buren when its predecessor, Jefferson’s Democrat-Republican Party, dissolved, largely because its aims had been met. Van Buren was campaign manager for and later replacement for Andrew Jackson. His vision was a party that had no ideology, no principles, advanced no solutions and stood for nothing but acquiring and keeping power.

In Van Buren’s words, the ideal candidate was “a northern man with southern sensibilities.” Their refusal to govern condemned the nation to a slow drift towards civil war.

Now their refusal, or inability, to participate in the arena of ideas will bankrupt Medicare.

And it’s not only Medicare; Congress is tasked by the Constitution with passing a budget. For the first time in modern history, Democrats not only did not pass a budget, they didn’t even propose one. They have no ideas. Why elect them?


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