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Letter: Republican claims are overblown

Posted: May 11, 2011 1:55 a.m.
Updated: May 11, 2011 1:55 a.m.

Here we go again: Thomas L. Cadman trots out the tired, old conservative canards one more time in “Democrat claims need historical perspective” (May 9).

While leaving out abortion and illegal immigration, perhaps due to space limitations, he pretty much hit on all cylinders in attacking Democrats and liberals.

No, Tom, the U.S. was never in any danger of becoming a communist country after World War II; Republicans used the issue to pump up votes, and it worked very well for them — Richard Nixon in particular, who got on Eisenhower’s ticket in 1952 thanks largely to that non issue.

And I don’t know anyone who ridiculed Vietnam-era service members or called them “baby killers.” I suppose a radical fringe did so, but not most Democrats.

Most of us just felt really sorry for all the people in uniform who were thrown into a losing proposition by misguided politicians of both parties.

Next, Cadman (staying on GOP script) jumps to “rights for gay people,” as in “no way!”

As full citizens of the U.S., shouldn’t gays be accorded the very same privileges under our law as “straight” folks?

Moving on; no, we are not in danger of being taken over by Muslim Sharia law. What a joke that issue is!

Finally, Cadman raises the GOP’s issue du jour, “union rights for public workers.”

Yes, a few egregious examples exist of out-of-line pension payouts, but the vast majority of public workers receive a reasonable pension when they retire, and deserve it, having negotiated for it with their employers and earned it as part of their compensation package.

As unions have declined in influence and numbers over the past 30 years, is it just a coincidence that our middle class standard of living has fallen in tandem?

Cadman, the only possibility of “tyranny” I see ahead is that of you and your tea party friends trying to force your archaic and dangerous ideas on the rest of us.

We will have no part of it.


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