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Posted: August 15, 2008 7:31 p.m.
Updated: October 17, 2008 5:03 a.m.

It seems that I'm "banging the drum" a lot about entrepreneurs working from home at their own business, but with the high cost of gas, high food prices and high employee layoffs, it just makes sense.

You don't have to be a computer geek or even a mental wizard to start your business.

There is ample and surprisingly reasonably-priced sources for all that you'll need, and let's face it, it's a lot cheaper that starting a "store front" business.

One of the easiest ways to start is to get into Internet marketing and you don't even need your own product. There are numerous product owners that offer commissions for you to promote their goods, and they very often even supply the Web site called the sales page.

You simply sign up as their affiliate, get yourself a PayPal account (which is free to join) for them to send you your pay, do some promoting and start earning.

There are also a number of marketers who are selling "PLR" (Private Label Rights) products. They can be in the form of articles aimed at a particular niche such as weight loss, or they can even be software.

What PLR means is that you pay for the PLR license and download their product and then sell it from your Web site and keep the money.

Now I could write volumes about each of these things I've mentioned, but for this column I just wanted to give you a few things that you could search for through Google to see what's around. Either one of these methods will get you into business quickly and can be bringing in some money while you're developing your own ideas.

Internet marketing consistently offers opportunities for individuals who are looking for two things: Freedom and moderate to huge monthly income.

You are in charge
Although it's good to be an ordinary yet well-compensated employee, complete with benefits, the change happening in the corporate market is consistent. The increase in monthly wages is not sufficient to compensate the increase in the prices of basic and primary commodities.

Add to it the inconvenience they feel every time they are obliged to follow their superiors on the things to do and not to do while working for the company. The poor compensation and lack of freedom ultimately leads to inefficiency and getting laid off.

With Internet marketing, you are in charge. There will be no managers or supervisors to tell you that you need to do this and don't do that. You have the discretion of choosing what time you want to work and what type of investment you prefer, and these are all the things that define an entrepreneur.

In other words, you will not work anymore for the company. You will be the one to build your own company.
Pleasant to the ears, isn't it?

Just like other things existing in this world, you should familiarize yourself with the do's and don'ts when starting an Internet marketing company.

Keep in mind that in starting your company, you must strongly consider the wants and needs of your clients. They are powerful factors that can determine the fate of an Internet marketing company. Here are several things that you should avoid when starting your Internet marketing company:

n Waiting to announce the availability of your Web site for the Internet public. Waiting for your Web site to be entirely finished and marketing it later on will be detrimental in the progressive stage of your business.
You will miss the feedback that is supposed to be one of your major concerns in improving whatever errors you have committed.

This is very crucial on the Internet. Although it is not yet entirely finished, launch your Web site so that you will see if your work satisfies the Internet public's needs.

n With a new Internet marketing company, you should make your point clear and concise.

Mixing the message that you want to express will just create an impression to the Internet public that you are inexperienced in handling the product or services you are offering for sale. You will lose the opportunity of widening your clientele base.

n Avoid asking for extensive personal information of the subscriber, their name and e-mail address should be enough at the start.

Keep in mind that people will not give up their personal information easily before you've established a bond of trust with them. In exchange for the information you're requesting offer them a free report, eBook, or perhaps a portion of your product.

The trust bond is built by your clients learning that you offer worthwhile and valuable goods. If you "over deliver" at first contact you will have started building that trust bridge.

n Don't overdo the use of keywords in the site content.

It's important that you have high keyword density so that the search engines can offer your site to like-minded searchers, but flooding them with the keywords you are targeting will create an unprofessional impression.

Keywords should be within the natural flow of the content. This allows your readers to know what your main points are without them realizing that they are seeing your keywords for several times.

Don't place unrelated contents to the site. There is no point in placing plenty of keywords that have nothing to do in particular with your Internet marketing company.

If you're offering an information product about fly fishing don't put keywords relating to fitness or weight loss. If it is not related to the content of your site, it is useless and will ruin the professionalism of your company. Select the keywords that go with the content of your site and have meaning to the content.

Good chances
These are the things that you should avoid when starting an Internet marketing company.

From your marketing strategies to the content itself and the layout, almost every step that you will take will have an impact on the success of your Web site.

If you can avoid these mistakes, your company will have a high chance of survival.

Maureen Stephenson is a local author and owner of REMS Publishing & Publicity, which is based in Santa Clarita. Her column represents her own views, and not necessarily those of The Signal.


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