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Elections should not go to highest bidder

Posted: August 13, 2008 6:44 p.m.
Updated: October 15, 2008 5:02 a.m.
The Signal wrote on Aug. 2, "Hospital investor donated $30,000 to Ender." Is anyone else outraged by this? I am!

Not that Laurie received the support from G&L Realty to get her elected so she would vote in the company's favor but that the donation was not revealed to the voting public until after the election! This is outrageous!

Who makes these laws? Look, if I agree that we should expand the hospital without any guarantees and I know Laurie is going to vote that way, then I will vote for her. But what if I don't agree? Don't I have the right to know who is supporting her and putting up that kind of money?

The problem is that all too many elected officials are in a win-at-all-cost mode, so they come up with these clever rules that give them the right to cheat legally and go around the system that was designed to keep the voting public informed.

I think it is time to change these rules and eliminate the loopholes. It is all too easy for a candidate to have someone create some obscure committee, spend money that would not be allowed to be donated to their campaigns and buy the election. This is not fair!

Oh, never mind the opposing candidates. It is not fair to the voting public! Our government should be run by "We the people," not we the rich and greedy, selfish, self-centered!

The people who created this loophole make all elected officials appear to be a bunch of lowlifes who will lie, cheat and steal. I know that is not true for most of our officials, but things like this conjure up assumptions and impressions that will usually override the truth.

I would like to call on our city, county, state and federal officials to change our election rules in their jurisdictions.

I believe that anyone who spends more than the election rules allow should be required to disclose who they are and why they are supporting the candidate.

If they do that, they can spend what they want and their freedom of speech is intact. Example: "We are G&L Realty, and we support (candidate) who we believe supports our proposal."

At least we, the voting public, would know who is for what. Included in this regulation should be potential punitive and criminal action with enough teeth that would make it sting.

The fines need to be big enough that someone who violates the rule doesn't just calculate the fine as part of the donation to the campaign. For those who have so much money, a little jail time and or community service, along with the stiff fine, might help.

Action committees should be required to continuously report who or what entity is sending it monies, goods and services. This policy should not only be applied to candidates running for election but for ballot measures and propositions or anything that we the voters may vote for.

I am tired of feeling like our elections are going to the highest bidder. It is time for the honest elected officials to step up and make the changes necessary for fair elections.

I will be sending this to all those who represent me at all levels of government, and I hope all who read this will send a similar letter or copy this one and affirm that they agree.

Oh yes, I will be putting my name to it. And if you copy it, you may do so only if you sign it with your name. Let's be fair!


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