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What did you do for summer vacation?

Winning essays

Posted: September 13, 2010 10:36 p.m.
Updated: September 14, 2010 4:55 a.m.

The following is a collection of essays fourth-grade students at Newhall Elementary School, sharing what they did over their summer vacation.

First place
Hi, my name is Elsa. During summer vacation, I was playing with water balloons with my parents. It was cool. I got to throw water balloons. When the water-balloon fight was done, we got to eat, and when we were finished, we got to go to the park. It was cool. I had fun when we went to the park. My favorite thing was to go on the swings and have fun with my parents at the park. I had fun in summer vacation. I like my parents. They are so nice. My mom made some cookies. The cookies were good. Mmm delicious!
Elsa Anuario

Second place
On summer vacation, I went to the beach and I found seashells. I got in the fresh, salty, cold water. It was fun because it was fresh. I ran to the water at first. It was cold but then I got used to it. On the next day, we went to the water park but the water was salty, too, just like the fresh, cold, salty beach.
When we went to the water park, there was a big, blue slide and when I went on it, it was so much fun. When I got onto the kids’ slides, the water was cold. The kids’ water was so cold and the swimming pool was so warm. When it was time to go home, we were all sunburned and it hurt a lot.
Destiny Ureta

Third place
In summer, I went to the beach. When I got to the beach, I saw a lot of fish. I saw a starfish and a dolphin.
Next, I went to a pool. I spent some time with my friends. I went shopping. I went to the library. I read lots of books. Then I went to visit my grandmother. I played with them. I had so much fun.
Fernanda Cisneros

Over summer vacation, I went to Universal Studios and went on a tour. We saw parts of King Kong in 3-D and in the subway, we tipped right and left. Also, it caught on fire. It was amazing. Later on, we saw cars that were in different movies. There were also dancing cars with water and fire. It was amazing.
Later, there was a flood and a plane crash. There was also a cursed mummy tomb where they circled us, but it felt like you were actually turning. We also went on the Simpson’s ride. I loved it but in line, I was scared because I thought it was a roller coaster.
When I went to my grandma’s and grandpa’s house, I got to sleepover.
My grandma and grandpa also have two cats, Sabrina and Cookie. Cookie is shy, and she let me pick her up. Grandma let me play on their Slip ’n Slide. It was so much fun. Then I went home and hugged my mom and dad.
Jennifer Russel

I went to Texas over summer vacation. I had a lot of fun with my cousins.
We had a lot of fun. We went to the pool and to the beach for a whole bunch of hours.
We went to a buffet in Texas. It was so good. Then we went home and slept. The next day, we went to the arcade and played games. I saw a shark in the sea.
Fabian Michel

Over summer vacation, I went to Six Flags Magic Mountain. I also went to the hot air balloon festival but there were no hot air balloons. I also went to Legoland and spent the night there and left at 1 p.m. the next day.
I also went to Carpenteria beach and had our trailer and camped out for one day and left the next day. I also went to the 2010 airshow.
We saw all kinds of planes do twirls, loops, free falls, and going upside down and sideways. We saw all kinds of planes like the F-18 Blue Angel, the Thunderbirds, the Hornets, B1 planes, A-10, Wall of Fire and bomb-dropping.
Brayden Dean

My name is Pedro Silvas and I am 8. My birthday party is on Sept. 12. I have a dog, a guinea pig and a bunny. The color of my eyes and hair is brown. My favorite color is red. Over summer, I went to Mexico. When I am big, I will get a car and drive to Mexico. I want to learn more about God.
Pedro Silvas

Over summer vacation, I went to Six Flags with my family and it was fun. I went on all the water rides. The one I like the most is Tidal Wave, and I got wet. I went on Goldrusher and it was very fast. I saw Superman. It looks scary but I want to go with my mom because I want to be weightless for once. I took a picture with Porky, Petunia, Daffy and Tweety. They do not talk back at all. My cousin went on Goliath and I went on Buccaneer. I was weightless just like on Superman, but it is not as big. I could see the whole park and the water slides of Hurricane Harbor, and it is big.
Jonathan Leon

Over summer, I went to Arizona, New Mexico and Texas. In Arizona, I saw the Grand Canyon. It was scary. My dad is afraid of heights. There was a restaurant called Bigfoot’s BBQ.
When I was in Roswell, New Mexico, my family and I went to a museum. It had a lot of alien pictures. I got an “alien hug me” T-shirt. My dad got an alien mug.
We went to Golden Corral.When I got to Dallas, Texas, I went to my Aunt Sandy’s house. I got to see the Cowboys Stadium.
I got to play a game called Clue. It was an old kind of Clue.
After I visited my aunt, I went to South Padre. It’s a kind of island in Texas. I got another shirt. The water was warm. We found three hermit crabs and one dead crab. I saw jumping fish and baby fish in the water. There was a restaurant called Parrot Eyes. It sounds like paradise. I built a mini pool in the sand with small fishes and crabs.
After South Padre, we went home.
Caitlin Bowlin

Hi, my name is Kaitlyn and this is what is at Six Flags. It is just a city away.
I was so excited to go to the very first ride. I went on Goldrusher. I was so scared at first to go on Goldrusher. I saw my aunt there. The last ride was the cage ride and that was my summer vacation.
Kaitlyn Garcia


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