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Bruce McFarland: Getting rid of developer kissers

Democratic Voices

Posted: July 5, 2010 10:31 p.m.
Updated: July 6, 2010 4:55 a.m.

I just got home from marching with the Democratic Alliance for Action in the Fourth of July parade. It sure is fun having friends and strangers alike cheering for Democrats in the Santa Clarita Valley.

You may not realize it, but vocal local Democrats sometimes have to endure vicious verbal attacks from people who apparently don’t believe in the two-party system. I think they tried that in Germany and a few other places. It really hasn’t worked out too well for the citizens.

Also in the parade was an entry by the combined local Republican clubs and the Tea Party Patriots-SCV. As I counted, the Dems had one more participant than the Republicans, but the tea-party folks had more people than all the party people combined. They had quite the float and a big Liberty Bell, too. They were even passing out money in hopes of getting people to read their tracts.

I’ve been observing the tea-party growth for months, and while I don’t think they are quite ready to take over the country, I do believe they may be able to have significant impact in certain regions. One of those regions might be right here in Santa Clarita.

Republicans in this valley haven’t been worried about their political reign for as long as I can remember ­­— which goes back to the late ’50s. They don’t think anyone can break their iron grip on power.

And I don’t think the Republicans are even worried about the tea-party people, as the tea party seems to be mostly made up of disgruntled Republicans and Republican-leaning independents, but the Republicans’ complacency and apparent lack of interest could soon come to an end.

So what would happen if the tea-party folks and the Democrats got together to get rid of the incumbent infestation at City Hall? Imagine the possibilities.

But seriously, is there any common ground where we might all grow a better city?

Democrats would like more transparency and a government that’s more responsive to the needs of the people. The tea party would like to eliminate the overreach of government.

Democrats would like one-party rule to be eliminated in Santa Clarita. The tea party would like to put an end to tyrannical governmental policies. Doesn’t one lead to the other?

Democrats and tea partiers alike would like to see self-serving, elected arrogant bullies like City Councilman Frank Ferry run out of office.

Democrats would like to see baffled, bumbling bureaucrats removed from their positions. We all would like to see leadership prevail.

Democrats don’t really like to have to beg the City Council to kill an inappropriate development that no citizens really want anyway. I don’t think the tea party likes that either.

Democrats don’t want one-party rule in Santa Clarita. I don’t think the tea party wants one-party rule in Santa Clarita. Only the Republicans want one-party rule here.

Are you tired of letting the same anointed political insiders make all the decisions that affect your quality of life in Santa Clarita? Are you tired of being treated worse than dirt? Well maybe now’s the time to get involved. You can make a difference, and if the Dems and the tea party work together, we can make Santa Clarita a better place.

First, let’s vote out all the incumbents. There was an attempt in April, but we didn’t stand together and the voters bought the lies of the incumbency. If we stand together, we can win.

Second, let’s demand total transparency in all governmental activities. That means no destroying of sensitive e-mail. No letting deviant governmental employees hide under the city manager’s skirt.

And no more faux code of ethics. Let’s create a fully independent ethics commission, with subpoena power and access to independent investigators to determine if sweetheart deals and preferential treatment is a violation of the law.

Let’s put the crooks in jail and put an end to Pulskamp-erie. Let’s hold the City Council’s feet to the fire, and the same goes for every public official.

Third, let’s make a rule that no city council member can serve more than two terms. Let’s make sure that we never again enable a bully’s councilmatic reign of terror.

Yes friends, we can truly make a difference if we work together.

Bruce McFarland is a Santa Clarita resident. His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of The Signal. “Democratic Voices” runs Tuesday in The Signal and rotates among several SCV Democrats.


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