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Happy I hit the target

Posted: June 19, 2010 9:51 p.m.
Updated: June 20, 2010 4:30 a.m.

In his column today (“W.E. Gutman: To some readers and their ‘ilk,’” June 13), W.E. Gutman took it upon himself to attack me personally regarding a guest column I wrote rebutting Gary Horton’s column attacking tea partiers.

Wow! What arrogant baloney.

“Journalists face reality and bare it with conscious self-awareness,” while “amateur pundits and the craven ad hominem attacks to which they sometimes resort offer little more than artful equivocation, tangential reasoning, slippery-slope arguments, arguments from ignorance (or ruse), distinctions without difference and specious reasoning.”

I see. Somehow, drawing a paycheck for blathering your opinion gives you more credibility than other people, simply because they do it for free.

“Accredited members of the press don’t pretend to have all the answers.”

Actually, Gutman, yeah, you do.

“We are powerless against a tide of opinions that blithely disregard, defy and, if need be, corrupt the truth.”

The “truth” according to Gutman, that is.

“Witness the recreational sharpshooters who fire on anything that moves in their cross-hairs.”

Well, as a shooter myself, I have yet to see anyone do that.

“Opinions are worthless when they are shot cannon-like and appallingly devoid of civility — as was Brian Baker’s recent scurrilous attack on Gary Horton (“Concerns about selective liberal outrage in America,” May 16).”

“Scurrilous”? As opposed to Horton’s “scurrilous attack” on tea partiers?

Oh, I forgot. His can’t be scurrilous, because I guess he’s a “professional,” right?

“If The Signal will not denounce Mr. Baker’s hateful language, I willingly assume this obligation.”

Don’t hold your breath, Gutman, because that column was invited by The Signal’s publisher, Ian Lamont, after I requested exactly the same thing from him because of the “scurrilous” nature of Horton’s column.

You clearly have an over-inflated opinion of yourself, Gutman; a legend in your own mind. And I obviously got under your thin skin. Good. That means my column was effective.

As a “sharpshooter” myself, I’m happy that my column was targeted with laser-like precision and hit its mark.


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