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Tim Myers: Strange footnotes in city's political history

Myers' Musing

Posted: June 19, 2010 9:43 p.m.
Updated: June 20, 2010 4:30 a.m.

Just when one thought we could not add another weird postscript to the 2010 Santa Clarita City Council race, news came June 10 that candidate David Galvan, already the basis of Internet conspiracy theories about his candidacy, given the similarity of his name to candidate David Gauny, was arrested for allegedly impersonating a police officer.
Galvan allegedly rigged his civilian vehicle with red-and-blue lights similar to a unmarked police car and pulled vehicles over to warn drivers about traffic violations.

Add this to the pantheon, and one finds that four of the 11 candidates in the 2010 council race possessed some skeleton in their closet, or borderline crackpot behavior.

Johnny Pride was arrested and then released when allegations of rape proved insubstantial enough for the taste of the District Attorney’s office.

Daniel Henriquez, when local media could not verify his Naval service record and his education by normal means (i.e., public records), asserted boldly that his Naval service was so super-secret it required the suppression and secrecy of not only his Naval records but also his educational records for all purposes — with the notable and ironic exception of running for the City Council.

Finally, let us give proper recognition to one Kenneth Mann, who allegedly attempted to remove his name from the election ballot when he found out the City Council seat was not a full-time job.

These stories got me to thinking: Does the city and its citizenry dodge a bullet every two years when the admittedly limited electorate avoids elevating the crackpot and criminal to the dais at City Hall to run roughshod over the land?

Sadly, one might argue that other candidates and even some sitting elected officials in Santa Clarita just sport a milder form of psychosis that allows them to function sufficiently without their heads exploding.

Consider TimBen Boydston, who according to reports days before the election, asserted to supporters his staunch belief he would come first in the at-large race by a wide margin and at worst a narrow second. Sadly, Boydston would come in a distant fifth.

Consider Carl Boyer, a member of the first City Council, who during his swan song in office decided the most important item that would leave his brand on the city included changing every city residential and commercial address from the five-digit method instituted by the hated Los Angeles County decades ago and replacing it with a new three-digit number. Never mind the cost of altering house signs, tract maps, deeds and other property-interest documents and also commercial business cards and stationery.

Consider Dennis King, longtime William S. Hart Union High School District board member, who attempted during his last year in office, when concerned about drug use in the district’s schools, to single-handedly reintroduce the antiquated terms of “loaders” and “narcs” into the common nomenclature.

This same Dennis King once told me face-to-face that a legally mandated bond advisory committee had no right to “advise” the board on a bond issue, and once told a roomful of angry Castaic parents they should harbor no surprise no high school existed in their community since they paid less for their homes.

Consider Dave Bossert, longtime West Ranch Town Council member, who believes he speaks for an entire community when originally elected by a handful of votes at a community fireworks spectacular, and then re-elected without opposition after the politburo-like Town Council provided one month’s notification for an upcoming election.

This same Bossert also believes the east side of the SCV constitutes a crime-ridden Hobbesian nightmare, when all unsolved homicides in the valley save two occurred in his veritable backyard.

And consider our own recently re-elected City Councilman Frank Ferry, holder of the second most narrow margin of victory in Santa Clarita history. After humble behavior for about three minutes, Ferry quickly rewrote history and decided his narrow victory (and the narrow loss of one David Gauny) resulted from the fact he did not “try” much in this specific campaign — implying that even a modicum of effort on his part would result in the burial of Gauny.

Perhaps the craziest thing of all: Take this column to eight out of 10 registered Santa Clarita Valley voters, and one would find that all of this fully crazed, crazed and slightly crazed behavior would come as a complete revelation.

   Tim Myers is a Valencia resident. His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of The Signal. “Myers’ Musings” appears Sundays in The Signal.


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