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Prop. 14 is kiss of death

Posted: June 7, 2010 9:24 p.m.
Updated: June 8, 2010 4:55 a.m.

When Steve Lunetta (“The election widget,” May 31) and I agree, you know it’s a bad proposition. Proposition 14 is the kiss of death.

Lunetta thinks the evil unions will do the Republican party in, and I believe the corporations will be able to destroy the Democratic party if Proposition 14 is passed. We’re right that this proposition will mark the demise of voters being able to know what the candidates stand for.  

People, I believe, are biologically more in tune with the Republican philosophy of “liberty” or the Democrats’ concepts of “justice.” If you have an open primary system when anyone can run in either primary, then the only winners will be those with enough money to win the primary. 

If Proposition 14 were in place right now, undoubtedly the top-two vote-getters for the governor’s race would be Meg Whitman and Steve Poizner because of the shameless amount of money they have spent on this primary. Hence there would be no Democrat on the ballot this November for governor. (I know, Lunetta, you would love that!)

But Lunetta is dead wrong about Proposition 15. Partially because he read the proposition incorrectly, and partly because he’s mouthing the corporate propaganda trying to smear it. Proposition 15 does not raise our taxes. Based on the very successful 10-year record in 11 states where both Republicans and Democrats prefer it, the proposition will be paid for by raising lobbyists’ fees from $12.50 a year to $350 a year, which is what I pay for my professional license. 

Both voters and politicians in those 11 states prefer this method of campaign funding. 

For example, 85 percent of Maine legislators and 81 percent of Massachusetts legislators are elected using this method because they don’t have to spend their time raising money from special interests, which then own them lock, stock and barrel. 

If we are to begin to clean up the corruption of “big money” in our political system, we must allow for the public campaign finance option.

(Please see the excellent 14-minute film by Bill Moyers at

Oh, we also agree on Proposition 13 (yes); Proposition 16 (no); but not on Propoosition 17 (no), which is a money grab by Mercury Insurance.


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