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Roger Gitlin: Lamenting a ‘stupid' county decision

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Posted: June 6, 2010 4:55 a.m.
Updated: June 6, 2010 4:55 a.m.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors decided to vote "stupid" earlier this week.
Taking its cue from the corrupt and inept Los Angeles City Council while learning new "meddling" techniques courtesy of Mexican President Felipe Calderon, the board voted to initiate a boycott against Arizona for passing S.B. 1070, a state immigration law that mirrors federal law.

The board voted 3-2 in passing the eight-point recommendation to condemn Arizona.

Included in a substantial group from Santa Clarita were Barbara March and former City Council candidate David Gauny. I was privileged to have the opportunity to address the Board of Supervisors. In delivering my remarks, I harbored no illusions that I would change anyone's mind - certainly not committed leftists Gloria Molina and Zev Yaroslavsky. I held a slim hope I could reach Mark Ridley-Thomas. I was wrong. Ridley-Thomas delivered a few absolutely nonsensical comments, such as, "Everyone knows how I feel and where I stand," and "I stand on my record." What record? The former Los Angeles City Councilman has been in office less than two years.

Supervisor Michael D. Antonovich called the vote to boycott the Grand Canyon State "stupid." I could not agree more.

Not only is it stupid passing this motion, it is patently irresponsible. At stake is about $27 million in county contracts. In addition,
the county will review all existing contracts with the Grand Canyon State.

Antonovich went on to say: "The emperor has no clothes," referring to the federal government abdicating its job in securing the border with Mexico. The Obama regime either can't or won't secure the border, allowing millions upon millions of Mexico's poorest and most violent to enter the United States, tapping billions of dollars in state services and essentially wreaking havoc on local populations.

Arizona has simply had enough, is going broke trying to sustain services to people who should not be here and gets zero help from Washington, D.C. So, Arizona passed SB1070, which again, I state, mirrors federal immigration law.

California has the same law clearly stated in section 834b of its Penal Code: "Every law enforcement agency in California shall fully cooperate with the Department of Homeland Security/Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) regarding any person who is arrested, if he or she is suspected of being present in the United States in violation of federal immigration law."

The last paragraph of 834b states: "Any legislative, administrative or other action by a city or county or by any law enforcement agency to prevent or limit this cooperation is expressly prohibited."

Along with Antonovich, Supervisor Don Knabe dissented.

Voting for the measure were ideologues Molina, Yaroslavsky and Ridley-Thomas, who did not disclose his leaning until the actual vote was called. What a coward.

Both the city and county of Los Angeles continue their "love affair" with Mexico and its illegal immigrants. The latest action, though not surprising, may very well backfire on these sanctuary cities. Antonovich said it best when he stated the passing of this measure will shoot the county not in its foot, but in its heart.

Let us all be aware that Los Angeles derives much of its water and energy from the Colorado River. Arizona owns the Colorado River. I would not be surprised if Gov. Jan Brewer orders the state to turn off the spigot. The consequences realized would be profound and stunning. In case you haven't noticed, it doesn't rain a lot in Southern California.

Simply stated, the Board of Supervisors played a bad hand of poker, and residents of the county are going to have pay for that irresponsibility.

One sobering moment really affected me Tuesday. The family of Jamiel Shaw was there pleading with the board to defeat this measure. The family of 18-year-old Jamiel Shaw Jr., who was murdered by an illegal immigrant two years ago, brought me to tears as his father Jamiel and grandmother Tommie Shaw poured out their hearts, telling the board the devastating loss of their child.

Not surprisingly, their comments went a little past the three-minute mark. Molina tried feebly to cut the family off and stated, "I know how you feel."

Tommie Shaw retorted in a voice that did not need a microphone: "The hell you do. You've never looking down at your dying child, bleeding to death on a sidewalk."

Supervisor Molina, you have the sensitivity of a rock. You and your vile comrades disgust me.
Regrettably, I reside in a very "stupid" county.

Roger Gitlin is a teacher and founding member of the Santa Clarita Valley Independent Minutemen and can be reached at His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of The Signal.


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