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Let’s review some real facts

Posted: May 17, 2010 9:08 p.m.
Updated: May 18, 2010 4:55 a.m.
Jose de la Isla's commentary ("Tocqueville, Zavala and the current tea partiers," April 26) cited tea partiers spitting on people and yelling the "N-word."

Kevin Buck ("Party of tea, your table is ready," April 27): "Bush ... ran up massive deficits, started two unfunded wars ... trampled the civil liberties of American citizens at will."

Nancy Gauthier ("Enjoy your five minutes," April 29) regarding the April 15 tea party protest in Valencia: "A small raggety-tag (sic) ... ranting group of mostly white, middle-aged and elderly individuals ... holding poorly worded signs ... hate-mongering for our president ... nonsensical statements ... clearly racially motivated viewpoint," and "President George W. Bush ran this country's deficit up trillions of dollars from a surplus."

Now let's review some actual facts.

Rep. Andre Carson, D-Indiana, (Congressional Black Caucus) asserted he heard the n-word "15 times" at the March 20 Code Red health care rally in Washington, D.C. Andrew Breitbart, author/publisher/commentator, offered $100,000 to anyone who could prove the alleged incident; no payment has been sought.

Along with the myriad of media, Jesse Jackson Jr., D- Illinois, recorded the event, proving no spitting happened. So far, the only violence caught on tape is an SEIU (a union largely comprised of minorities and government employees) member beating up a law-abiding senior citizen tea partier.

Internet research of yearly national debt and deficits shows that in the later Clinton years, with a Republican Congress, deficit surpluses were reported. However, the debt still increased. It's asinine that "Bush's debt" of $455 billion is vilified while Obama's 2010 debt will be $1.35 trillion and mounting.

Further, liberals and many Democrats dare broach the subjects of the unemployment rates of 2008-10 or the value comparisons of investments.
All debt/deficit critics need to read "National Suicide" by Martin L. Gross. His nonpartisan exposé tells of the treachery of all of Washington.
Two wars? Liberals and most Democrats in the Bush years constantly asserted the mantra that a war in Afghanistan was "the one we should be fighting."

Civil liberties trampled? I have never gotten a factual reply to a longstanding challenge to identify the U.S. citizen and the civil liberty that was violated under Bush. Conversely, look today at mandatory health insurance, Obama's new proposed intrusive banking/investment mandates, etc.

Lastly, the Valencia tea party sign(s) examples were: "Support the Constitution, Repeal Obamacare," "It's WE the people, not we the government," "Stop spending my college fund" and "taxed enough."

Referencing paragraph one, we are now quite clear on where the "hate-mongering" and "racial" motivations flourish, and who can't spell.


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