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Does everyone have the right to fight for marriage?

Posted: July 2, 2008 1:38 a.m.
Updated: September 2, 2008 5:03 a.m.

I read a blog the other day, and a writer was questioning their Mormon neighbors who were having their sixth child.

He said they were overpopulating the world and would be a draw on our water supply.
The next day that same person said, “I don’t get why religious folks are offended at what other people do. It is none of your business, just as your choice to practice a particular religion is no one else’s business.”

Marriage is a God-centered, legal, social and religious contract, and a designation for men and women to commit and dedicate themselves to each other and their children.
That is my business. This isn’t about what religion one practices. God, marriage and legal recognition is universal among all faiths.

It’s a right and privilege for a man and a woman and their families. Why should straight people not fight for their right to have their union identified and protected as marriage?
Why should straight people not be offended when their act of commitment, in heterosexual union, is being systematically redefined to include a lifestyle that is against the nature of marriage and creation from the very beginning?

Every heterosexual person has the right to have his or her definition of a marriage union without a minority group (same-sex-attracted people) having that same designation.
Why should I, or anyone, give that up?
It’s an effort to normalize a behavior by people who want a legal means to dispel their guilt or shame for being same-sex attracted.

It’s another attempt to make it right under God — as if a legal ruling by a court will sanction a gay union under God’s approval.

Sane-sex-attracted individuals are fighting for social acceptance and want to wipe away the “ick” factor of their behavior amongst every societal age group and religious group. They want their lifestyle to be OK and mainstreamed by all.

So children born from now on will grow up thinking that if the law says it’s OK, through legal marriage, then it must be a normal human lifestyle.

After two generations of social manipulation, then they can eliminate personal spiritual guilt and social resistance to an alternative lifestyle that is not normal at all.
I have no problem with gay people, and I know some whom I respect very much. In fact, many of those people I know who are gay think this is a horrible ideology being pushed by gay activists and feel it’s unwise as much as straight people do.

At the same time, I have my definition and legalities of heterosexual marriage that I know are right and meaningful to my commitment, sanctioned by the law and deity.

The other unions out there don’t belong to my definition nor God’s. If love is love, then why does it mater to same-sex-attracted individuals? Those who want to normalize the gay lifestyle by desensitizing society and allowing the court system to decide their lifestyle legitimacy will surely have an uphill battle in November.


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