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Good citizens are responsible and vote

Posted: March 1, 2010 11:19 p.m.
Updated: March 2, 2010 4:55 a.m.

Pictured above are the Poetic Patriots from the room 4 third-grade class at Castaic Elementary School. The students collaborated on an essay on what it means to be a good citizen, and came to the conclusion that the best way is to vote.

The following essay is a collaborative essay written by Lynda Ashley’s third-grade students at Castaic Elementary School. They strive to show why it is American citizens’ responsibility to vote.

It is imperative to vote to be a responsible citizen.

It is important to vote for the candidate of your choice so your candidate has a better chance of winning the election.

The top quality a candidate needs to be a successful leader is intelligence.

He must also have an ability to lead and have incredible character traits.

Some of the character traits a president must have are trustworthiness, responsibility and a patriotic attitude.

He must have confidence to admit his mistakes and have encouraging words for all citizens.

Lastly, he must have the strength to solve our country’s problems, and carry out all the promises he made during his campaign.

If we could have voted last year some of us would have voted for John McCain. But some of us stood behind the candidate who won, Barack Obama.

We each supported who we felt had all the right qualities.

Some of us were disappointed with the results of the election and some of us were excited. But we all agree, we must support our nation’s leader and encourage all adults to vote to carry out our responsibility, and to help support or change laws that we do not care for.

All the students in our classroom practiced their responsibility by voting for a classmate of their choice in our classroom election for president.

We campaigned to find just the right person who would judiciously represent our M.E.A.N. class (an acronym that means “Making Excellence a Necessity”).

We learned that we must vote for the student who had platforms that we believed in, not for the most popular.

During our classroom campaign we lived and breathed the election process and learned enough to win us the right to vote in our national election.

But, of course, we know there is a law that says we cannot vote until we’re 18 years old. We support that law. But that does not stop us from making a difference in our nation.

We encouraged our parents, friends and neighbors to be responsible on November 3rd.

Our message was to vote at every election! That is how we can be great citizens, helping to make America the nation that we want it to be.

Lynda Ashley’s third-grade class
Castaic Elementary School  


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