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We've reached our limit

Posted: February 13, 2010 4:47 p.m.
Updated: February 14, 2010 4:55 a.m.
Finally, there is one politician who has come out and said what needs to be said. Bob Kellar is 100 percent correct. There are so many of this country's problems that could be corrected or made so much better by cracking down on illegal immigration.

Let's start with the overcrowded schools, swamped emergency rooms inundated with common ailments that are by no means emergencies and billions of dollars in lost tax revenue.

Let's be honest, folks. What taxes do illegal immigrants actually pay?

Sales tax - yes.

Federal income tax - no.

State income tax - no.

Department of Motor Vehicle taxes - maybe, but why should they be able to drive in this country? Do you think they care about car insurance? Please.

There are a few small taxes they get stuck paying, but all of them together do not add up to what it costs to put a child in school for that year, let alone multiple children.

What about the sizable percentage of illegal immigrants who are in our prison system? How much does that cost us year after year?

Once an illegal immigrant convicted felon has done his or her time in prison, they should be taken back to their country of origin and left there.

They are no longer welcome in this country, because they will not follow the simple rules of an organized society and should never be allowed to come back. You have paid your price to society, but you have now forfeited any chance of living here forever.

Oh, but that would entail shutting down our borders. We wouldn't want that, would we?

But that is exactly what Mexico has done on its own southern border.

Maybe some politicians will someday look at this problem in the context of what is best for legal citizens of this country, not illegal immigrants from another country, and not look at the situation or crises as another huge voting block that is utterly dependent on most of the government handouts.

Can you imagine yourself sneaking into another country illegally (which in this country is a felony) with an intent to stay permanently and expecting they automatically start providing you with housing, education in your own language, food, health care and many other (so-called) rights?

Tell me, which country would that be that would openly accept millions of those poor people with open arms and then not have those regular legal citizens who deserve the live there not complain?

Everybody and every country has a limit and we have more than reached ours.


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