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Stand for America

Posted: January 30, 2010 3:06 p.m.
Updated: January 31, 2010 4:55 a.m.
Two somewhat concerted items appeared in The Signal's Jan. 27 edition.

First, bravo to Bob Kellar ("Kellar draws a crowd"). It is myopic and narrow to think that every time Kellar or anyone one else with a job title speaks, he or she speaks on behalf of the city or their employer.

That aside, the circus surrounding the controversy is very telling.

There was the front-page photo of a man claiming to be Carlos Alvarez. He is not a resident of the Santa Clarita Valley yet carried a professionally made sign calling for Bob Kellar to be fired (as a City Council member) for being a racist.

While Alvarez did not answer the questions he was asked about his residency status, legal or illegal, undoubtedly his time would be better spent solving the many problems of the city of his claimed residence: Los Angeles.

Kellar has been very clear about wanting our country to have secured borders, laws obeyed with legal immigration and has pointed out that the costs of illegal immigration have greatly hastened bankrupting our state. He calls it taking a "stand for America."

To malign him as a racist for his merely wanting laws to be obeyed along with calling for the sanctity of our borders and our hard earned taxpayer dollars is vile and worse than stupid. That kind of lunacy makes many of us "racists."

If Kellar sneaked into Alvarez's home without permission and took up residency there, do you think Alvarez would scream "illegal entry" and demand laws be enforced, or would Kellar get to stay, at will, as merely an undocumented resident?

Secondly, David Bunjac's letter to the editor ("Missing the immigration point," Jan. 27) laid the blame of illegal immigration at the feet of the businesses who hire the same. While that point is not to be dismissed, the true, largest culprit is our "government." That is, all levels of governments that readily supply unquestioned, open-ended dollars for food stamps, legal aid, health care, housing, cash payments and education.

It's a guarantee that if these takers were properly vetted and the free-for-all resources timely and thoroughly dried up, the vast majority of illegal immigration would cease quite quickly.

Tragically, patriots became racists when the illegitimacies of progressives and the undeserving were exposed by those who love and are devoted to their country and want their borders secure. Let's start small with a solid "stand for America" beginning right here in Santa Clarita.


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