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Karen Maleck-Whiteley: Try making a resolution every day this year

Live Well Stress Less

Posted: January 14, 2010 10:10 p.m.
Updated: January 15, 2010 4:55 a.m.
"Every day that is born into the world comes like a burst of music and rings the whole day through, and you make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as you will."
-Thomas Carlyle

Here we are once again at the start of a new year, and not only the start of a new year, but a new decade.

If you are one of those people who feel that annual pressure to take stock of where you've been and then set some goals for the coming year, you are probably really feeling it this time.

Those of you who know me know that I can be all about setting goals and developing action plans to realize them.

In our lives out in the world, it is true that those who set goals, review them often, and take actions towards them do accomplish more.

As I see it, though, the biggest downfall of this process is that it tends to keep us focused on our future days.

We are busy with where we are going, and we don't notice or act on where we are today.

It also sometimes causes us to live in our past days, when we dwell on where we used to be and replay events which affected us (especially negatively) along the way, or when we relive past times we wish were still here, as we compare our progress or lack thereof to our goals.

As Louise Hay says, "The point of power is always in the present moment."

For us to be the most happy, fulfilled, engaged, and effective in our lives, it works best to dwell as much as possible in the here and now today, in the current moment.

To this end, I'd love to see us all resolving this year to make a New Day Resolution each and every day.

New Day Resolutions are simply intentions for how you want to go through your day. They can focus on what you want to remember to notice or be grateful for, or they can include some specific action you want to take

Today only. They are focused on now. They do not tie you to long term action, so there is less pressure.

They are about living this day in the best way you can. You have the opportunity to set new ones each morning as you awaken into a brand new, pristine day just waiting for you to experience life in it.

Just as the opening quote for this article says, you get to decide each day how you will respond to the music of your day.

Set your New Day Resolutions by following these steps: Make your New Day Resolution each morning. It helps to do it in the same place and time each day, so you create a habit.

Try lying in bed for a few minutes before you get up, and decide what your New Day Resolution is for this day. Or pick one while in the shower or as you sip your morning tea. It becomes a pleasant ritual that takes almost no additional time.

Identify the spirit of how you want to go through your day, what you want to notice or experience, or what you want accomplish or give to the world that day only. Phrase your New Day Resolution as an affirmation or statement to yourself.

It helps to add the word today at the beginning or the end. It also works well to write it down and bring it with you.

Post-It notes work well; that way you can put your resolution on your steering wheel, or on your computer screen at work and be reminded of it as you go through your day.

Here are some possible New Day Resolutions you can use or model your own after:

* I notice the beauty around me today.

* I am grateful for the people in my life today, and tell them so.

* Today, I make a positive difference in the lives of everyone I meet.

* I let go of negative thoughts today.

* Today, I look for the positive in all situations.

* I notice how my body feels, and give it what it needs today.

* I love my exercise today.

* Today, I listen to what people are saying before I decide how to respond.

* Today I focus on the present moment and notice details about it.

* I let the past go, and stay out of future-thinking today.

* I concentrate and complete what I set out to do today, by focusing on each task as I do it.

* I notice what I learn from people and situations today.

* I handle difficult situations or people and easily release their effects today.

* I remember that people are doing the best they can today.

* I pay it forward today.

When you make this a regular practice, it allows you to feel happier, more free, and alive, as you more easily let go of the effects of past events, and expectations for the future.

It also actually helps you to better accomplish the regular resolutions or goals you have because you are better able to focus on necessary present-moment tasks with less distraction and emotional interference.

If you forget and fall back into your past or future focus, be kind to yourself and just restart your New Day Resolution practice.

Your resolution that day might be "I am kind to myself and others today." And, if you find yourself having a bad day, focus on this thought from Jim Evans, "If you don't think every day is a great day try going without one."

Here's to living well and stressing less each day in 2010!

Karen Maleck-Whiteley is a certified hypnotherapist, coach, speaker, and author. If you would like more information or assistance with living in the present each day, goal setting, or achieving success and balance this year, you can contact Karen at 661-252-0650. Find out more by visiting,,, or www.Five4Me/ (free downloads).


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