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Defamation of facts

Posted: December 11, 2009 4:32 p.m.
Updated: December 12, 2009 4:55 a.m.
I’m writing in response to the letter to the editor “Do we really need more like Boydston?” (Dec. 4):

This letter is a slanderous statement by an someone who apparently “did not educate themselves” on the issue. It’s disgusting your newspaper would run something purporting itself to contain facts that so clearly defames a person’s character and intelligence.

Had Berta Gonzalez-Harper educated herself rather then slandering others with false claims, she would understand the following:

n A majority of the homes in the Bonelli Tract region pre-date the existing city codes. I seem to recall a line in the Constitution about ex post facto laws; perhaps Gonzalez-Harper would like to borrow my copy to “educate” herself.

n The City Council, the city manager and the city staff were all approached multiple times, through multiple venues, in an attempt to approach this issue through proper channels. All attempts at contact were initially ignored.

n When the City Council was finally made aware of the issue, an apology was issued from the City Council, for its unawareness of the situation, which has since been re-affirmed from the city in writing.

n After finally agreeing to meet with the city, the city refused to allow anyone to attend the meeting who had not already been approached by the city regarding the issue — preventing anyone from preemptively investigating the codes and approaching the city about them.

n City grants available to citizens in the region do not cover modifications to private residences.

Furthermore, Gonzalez-Harper’s letter was belligerent, berated people several times and insisted she did not know what other people are talking about because they disagree with her.

She has clearly orchestrated a brouhaha over nothing in an attempt to attack not one but two long-standing members of the community who are fighting for their constitutionally given rights to a pursuit of happiness.

I say: What can we expect if Boydston is not elected and people like Gonzalez-Harper are allowed to influence the political atmosphere of this country with their biased and uneducated attacks on the educators of our community?

Do we really need to listen to people like Gonzalez-Harper?


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