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Andre Hollings: Lutness points finger at the wrong culprits

Right Here Right Now

Posted: December 10, 2009 8:32 p.m.
Updated: December 11, 2009 4:55 a.m.

Periodically, the contemplations of the liberal effect a range of emotions and thoughts for me.

Be it President Jimmy Carter’s infamous 1979 “malaise” speech that was intended to unburden Americans of their crisis of confidence, or John Kerry unable to decide if or when he was opposed to the Iraq War, liberalism often leaves one dazed, confused and wanting no more.

Enter Carole Lutness’ column “Government’s dead. Now what do we do? (Dec. 8)  

In that column, Lutness appears as the reincarnation of Whittaker Chambers’ myopic pessimism of 1954, that declared “Don’t you see? The West is doomed, so that any effort to save it is correspondingly doomed to failure.”

Charging that all levels of American government have lost their ability to “protect and enhance the common good, regulate and control excess and exploitation and provide public safety,” Lutness’ cynicism betrays her belief that the experiment called America has all but failed.    

Incapable of discharging most — if not all — of its constitutional responsibilities, American government, she holds, will quickly give way to a country rife with unbridled chaos and excess.  

Yet even more shocking than her vision of America’s future is the rationale behind that vision.

According to Lutness — a Democrat — the masked avengers of the West’s decline are the entrenched liberal powers in Sacramento, the new liberal hegemony in the White House and developers and other Santa Clarita Valley “big money.”

According to her, this quite unholy trinity of the corporate assault on American government bears the guilt for the destiny that apparently awaits our nation.       

Locally, Lutness posits, the SCV is enslaved by a tyrannical “one-party rule” bankrolled by “developers and other big money” with their “belief in the supernatural” who suppress any (free) speech that contradicts their machinations.

This bondage, apparently serving as the grassroots arm of the corporate rape of government, will create a valley where middle-class values and public interests are wholly subservient to — let’s be frank for Lutness — the benevolence and narcissism of wealthy, aging, white Anglo-Saxon Protestants. That is to say, Republicans.

Apparently, America’s decay into a modern-day court of Caligula has begun in the SCV.  

Possibly unbeknownst to Lutness, she squarely laid the state’s contribution to America’s decline on her fellow liberals’ shoulders. Sacramento’s collapse of government is due to “large corporations” controlling the “budgetary/revenue process, thus starving essential services and education.”

Apparently, the Speaker of the Assembly, the president pro-tem of the senate, the senate and assembly majority leaders, all legislative committee chairmen, etc. have been bought and paid for by those “large corporations.”

Rather than a myth, union/corporate control of the left in Sacramento is a fact for Lutness.  

That is the resistless logic of Lutness’ claim, because in order to control the “budgetary/revenue process” you must first gain control of the flow of legislation to the floor, what bills get out of committee, debate on the floor, committee staffs assignments, etc., and liberals have held sway over those levers of power in a near uninterrupted fashion since 1970.

That is to say, only the said posts can wield those levers of power, and Democrats have largely maintained a tight grip on those posts.

So if Lutness, or any liberal, is dissatisfied with Sacramento’s impact on California’s public education system, then look no further than the legislation that has shaped it.

More often than not, that legislation has had a left-of-center tilt.  

Unions and corporations can only do the logical thing in America’s “unbridled capitalist system” and pad the pockets/campaign coffers of the entrenched liberal powers-that-be in Sacramento in order to achieve their ends.      

Regarding Washington, President Barack Obama’s near-waffling on his campaign promise to win the “necessary war” in Afghanistan before being true to his oath and committing to a troop surge and his handling matters including the economy and the health care debate, are the puppet’s motions as “bankers and corporate elite” pull his strings, according to Lutness.

This Manchurian candidate of sorts, following her rationale, may well birth a nation where “90 percent of the population” is “peasants.”

And his pulled strings regarding climate change and the environment could lead to energy being “rationed only to those who can afford it with the rest living in hovels and darkness.”

Lutness’ neo-McCarthy scare tactics have surprisingly enough found the right targets in Sacramento and Washington, yet betray a classic liberal reliance on big government rather than the American people.

Andre Hollings is a Santa Clarita resident. His column reflects his own views and not necessarily those of The Signal. “Right Here Right Now appears Friday in The Signal and rotates among local Republicans.


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