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Posted: November 20, 2009 3:51 p.m.
Updated: November 22, 2009 4:55 a.m.
Dear Brian Charles,
I was very frustrated and disappointed in your article “McKeon Slams Health Bill” (Nov. 6). As one who attended Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon’s Santa Clarita City Hall teleconference call and heard first-hand some of the details of this monstrous government expansion bill, I was stunned you omitted so many important facts McKeon discussed.  

You didn’t mention that he spent the better part of the hour answering questions from constituents. Important questions like how the bill will handle coverage for illegal aliens or government-funded abortions (which it will cover).

You didn’t mention that Republicans offered amendments for these items but were locked out by Democrats.

You didn’t discuss how small companies will be given incentives to cancel their own health care policies and pay the 8 percent fine/tax imposed by the government, instead of maintaining the cost of the premiums which in most cases is more than 8 percent. You didn’t mention that in the 2,000-plus-page bill there are more than 3,000 “shalls” or mandates from the government and that it could take years before people can sift through the minutia of HR3962.

Why, Charles, did you fail to mention that our great country is going to have the privilege to begin paying for this bill as soon as it is passed but it will be four years before it goes into effect? Or how about informing your readers that the bill will create 111 new layers of bureaucracy by creating new commissions, programs, bureaus and offices.  

Why did you fail to mention it was discussed that most citizens are happy with the quality of their health care but would like to reduce the cost? And that two ways to do this would be to allow purchasing insurance across state lines and to have truly meaningful tort reform. These are two important things with which HR3962 does not deal.

Instead of stating important facts concerned citizens could truly learn from, it seems perhaps you have a different agenda, perhaps even a bias to McKeon’s opinions.

At no point in the meeting did McKeon try to “thwart Democrats’ effort to reform health care.” McKeon, like most Americans, wants health care reform — they just have a different opinion of what reform consists.

I didn’t hear McKeon take shots at supporters of the bill or the media. In response to a question about AARP, he gave an intelligent answer and a personal opinion. When asked about the thousands of people speaking out on the steps of the Capitol, he jokingly said the media would probably say it was about 150.    

Your article gave the impression that McKeon is underhanded and mean-spirited. While I don’t personally agree with everything for which McKeon stands I certainly think he is a well-intentioned man.  


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