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To be or not to be insured

Posted: October 10, 2009 9:02 p.m.
Updated: October 11, 2009 4:55 a.m.


Though I don't agree, I almost respect those who come right out and say they don't want to change anything about health care and/or insurance, because it's not their problem. They are happy with their insurance and, mistaken as they are, believe they can enjoy it or something similar forever.

(As myopic as that view is, at least it's not attached to a sign, marching outside some town hall event, denigrating the president of the United States for the unlucky occurrence of being born in that hotbed of terrorist activity, Honolulu or some other inane thing.)

These are the people who do understand that no bill has been introduced giving free health care to non-citizens. They do not believe Medicare or Medicaid or any other current government programs will be disrupted. The whole discussion about so-called death panels, something insurance companies themselves have used for decades, merely amuses them.

No, their argument against reform is based solely on self-protection and some archaic recognition of the haves and have-nots in society. These are people whose first line of offense is the word "no."

They are not in the same class as the people with limited brain power and no argument, whose emotional and mental IQ's stagnated around the time their first pimples popped; the birthers, socialist-slingers and holocaust deniers who contribute nothing to the discussion but embarrassing static.

(I view them the same way I view Fox News; your IQ will plummet 10 points for every minute you watch it. And strangely, these are the very same people only a paycheck away from losing everything they feel so grateful to have received from the Republicans, for the past eight years.)

For those of us who have money, good health care and many choices, but understand that at a moment's notice, all of it can disappear at the whim of a corporate cut-back, an insurance carrier's preference, or any life-changing event, it's nonsensical that those wanting to block health care reform can't look beyond the stone wall they have built around themselves. They should realize that equal, fairly priced and all-inclusive national health care would not only be sensible, but also self-protecting. But then again, everyone is a critic until they need it.


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