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What’s happened to the American spirit?

Posted: October 7, 2009 10:26 p.m.
Updated: October 8, 2009 4:55 a.m.
I taught my children to believe we’re all created equal, that in this country you have the right to free speech and all it entail’s. What we expected was democracy in action. What we saw the night of Congressmen Schiffs town hall meeting couldn’t even come close. My heart broke as I looked around and saw able minded citizens shouting out distorted lies; accompanied by hatred.

It felt as if I was in a bad dream, almost surreal. This wasn’t my America, was it?

My three daughters 28, 9, and 7, my 3-year-old son and my 2-year-old grandson could not understand the goal of the so called Patriot-tea baggers. My girls were utterly confused. Which seemed to be the purpose of the evening. How proud the Tea-baggers must be. They will go down in history as the one group that tried to stop health care for all Americans. How humane!

While my  daughters held up their signs saying, “health care now,” thinking they would be making a difference, exercising their constitutional right. An elderly woman, started to scream in the face of my 9-year-old, “What is your Mother teaching you. You are terrible, I don’t want to pay for your health care!”

I was shocked that someone, especially, of her age, would accost a child. I told that woman to leave my daughter alone. She is only doing what she feels is right. Why would you infringe on that? She is only 9, this is terrible.

With a painted swastika on the face of our president, blood spewing from his mouth, the Patriot-tea-baggers shouting, “Obama is going to kill your grandma,” my daughters and I realized these people did not want their questions answered. They were only interested in infringing on the rights of the good Congressman Schiff and others.

Their purpose was to confuse the masses, so the message would not be remembered. Ironically, Hitler did the same thing in Germany all those years ago.

Have we forgotten what happened to the Jewish people? What will it take for us to wake up. What I saw was not democracy in action, but democracy held captive. 

If the patriot tea-baggers truly believe in free speech, why do they, with every chance, infringe on that very right? These so called Patriots don’t care about you or me. They only care that their man did not win last November. May I remind you, the election is over!

The time to do what is right for this country is now. We need to fix our health care system so that it is affordable for every one. Our health care initiative is truly one that will benefit all citizens and businesses alike. It is not free, Therefore it is not socialized. The delivery system will be the same, your choice is preserved. How can this be bad for America?

I think my 7-year-old daughter said it best, as she looked around, seeing all the horrific signs. Asking “Mommy what’s wrong with these people?” I told her don’t worry baby, they don’t know what their saying.  She then replied, “I have one question for them: If the President has health care, why can’t we?” 

The truth is, we are the richest nation in the world. There is no good reason why we shouldn’t afford the opportunity for every citizen to acquire affordable, quality health care.

What has happened to the American spirit? Have we become so complacent we no longer aspire to our higher selves?  We look at children on TV who are starving in other parts of the world, and our heart’s break. Yet, when it comes to our own we fail? Why? Don’t the people of this country deserve at least that much?

It is time to stand up unafraid, America. Ask yourself, “Who does it benefit if we stay divided? We are better than this. This is our country and our chance to make history. To go down in the books of life doing what is right for all. At the end of the day, when you tuck your children into bed or watch your ailing parents with all that entail’s, ask yourself if it were yo, or someone you loved, where then, would you stand? 

Do what is right, America. The future is watching.


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