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Who to choose for Republican Central Committee

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Posted: May 16, 2008 2:17 a.m.
Updated: July 16, 2008 5:03 a.m.
The comedian Yakov Smirnov once said, "In America, its always easy to find party. In Soviet Union, Party always finds you."

In the dark days of the superpower conflict, the term "central committee" carried a sinister and ominous tone. Today, however, the term refers to the group of elected individuals that coordinates the activities of a particular political party.

Both the Democrats and the Republicans have one - although I must admit that I've tried to map out the Democratic side of the world and I can't figure it out. My sheet of paper starts to look like a spider web made by a dyslexic arachnid.

Jonathan Kraut wrote an article awhile back about how an idea gets through the Democratic system. It was very educational. Now I know why Sacramento is paralyzed.

Warning! Only Republicans may read further in this column. If you are a Democrat, liberal, voted for Obama, or enjoy reading Full Speed to Port, please skip on to the legal notices on page B5 (check out the
foreclosure in column 2 - its a real steal). All members of the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy may continue.

In Santa Clarita, the Republican system is very straightforward and simple. We just talk to the elected officials (or their representatives) and tell them what we want.

The central committee is often attended by representatives of each of our "big" local politicians - Buck McKeon, Cameron Smyth, George Runner and Michael Antonovich. If you (a Republican) have a question or comment, you can tell a central committee member or come to the meeting.

Better yet, dispense with the middle men and go right to the elected official! We will be more than happy to share contact information with anyone who asks.

Our central committee has several functions. We coordinate election drives by supporting our local headquarters, disseminate information to members, endorse candidates, get legislative initiative information from our elected officials and serve as a clearinghouse for various club activities (meetings, speakers, etc).

Lately, we have also become very involved in opinion column writing, with two conservative writing teams being coordinated by the incomparable Vanessa Wilk. Also, at the end of every central committee
meeting we play "pin the tail on the Hillary."

If you are a registered Republican voter, you've received a sample ballot that lists candidates for Party Central Committee. Most Republican voters may not know who these folks are, so I'm going to run down my choices for the committee and my reasons for those choices.

Bob Haueter is Buck McKeon's deputy chief of staff. I guess that means Bob is the law-enforcement guy on Buck's staff. Bob has spent many years in politics working for both Buck and Mike Antonovich. Bob knows Santa Clarita politics and has connections at many levels.

Michael Hildebrand serves not only the central committee but also several other clubs including the CRA (California Republican Assembly).

Michael also serves as our representative to the county through RPLAC (Republican Party of Los Angeles County).

B. J. Atkins is our current chairman and also a politician. Atkins was elected to the Newhall County Water District board several years back and is one of the rare elected officials who actually is an expert in
the position that he serves.

I have worked with Atkins teaching ethics to kids through Junior Achievement. Atkins was also asked to play linebacker for the Los Angeles Rams, but Deacon Jones frightened him, so he quit.

Steve Lunetta is possibly the finest candidate ever placed on a ballot.

His incredible good looks, rapier wit and Solomon-like wisdom make him better suited for governor than committee member. But, Arnold has the job and told Steve to back off. Lunetta is one of our columnists and represents the commuter resident (he works in San Fernando).

Joe Messina is the founder of a local computer networking company and a long-time political activist in the valley. Messina has also been involved teaching ethics to high school students and will some day be
elected to the William S. Hart Union High School District board. Joe has been a central committee member for four years.

Kevin Korenthal is a publisher of a conservative blog on the Internet and an occasional opinion writer for The Signal. Korenthal is also a consultant for the construction industry in California and a committed
member of several valley Republican clubs.

Scott Wilk is also both a committee member and an elected official. Wilk serves on the COC Board of Trustees and has immense experience in politics in the SCV. Wilk worked for Buck McKeon and was also a
consultant for Bob Kellar‘s successful re-election campaign.

Hopefully, this column has given you a bit more insight into the names on your ballot. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact me ( or any other current central committee
member through

Steve Lunetta is a Santa Clarita resident. His column reflects his own views, not necessarily those of The Signal.


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