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Sherryan' Lima: It's a health care option, not 'socialized medicine'

SCV Voices

Posted: August 15, 2009 9:33 p.m.
Updated: August 16, 2009 4:55 a.m.

I am writing in regards to the recent attempts at thwarting real health care reform. The idea that the president's health care package is a death sentence is ludicrous.

The so called "death warrant" is nothing more than a scare tactic from its opponents, who are beholding to the insurance industry for large portions of their campaigns (go to

What the bill actually provides is "counseling," in the event you become seriously ill or after 65, to explain your options, i.e. living will, life-support, etc.

Nowhere does it say that the elderly will not be treated with life-saving treatments or suggest that clinical death is a way out. The counseling service is not currently covered, but will be when the new bill is approved. This service will be allowed every five years.

If you become seriously ill, you would be afforded a sooner session if you so wish. Again, this is an additional benefit, one that is of choice and not mandatory.

The attempts to scare the elderly with these lies are unconscionable.

In reiteration, this plan is keeping what is working while getting rid of the excess or what has not worked sufficiently in the past.
It is a health care option package of choice, not "socialized medicine."

The misappropriated funds coupled with savings from relief of bankruptcies, a small surtax on the wealthiest people in the nation (Don't worry; they will have tax write-offs, as they always do: Go to for exact numbers), will create a situation that will pay for itself with no real deficit spending.

The plan also will provide an "affordable payment option" for those of us who cannot afford the exorbitant prices of the current system.

Yes, I really want insurance for my family. This idea that most of the uninsured choose to be so willingly is ridiculous.

While the president's plan is not free and is not socialized medicine, it will provide affordibility, quality and choice for all.

In the words of Dr. Bruce Hector: "Instead of worrying about government getting into the doctor's office, we should be working to get Wall Street out of it.

"Health insurers set premiums, deny service and rescind coverage to meet Wall Street expectations. Pharmaceutical companies set drug prices to do the same.

"We saw last year how much Wall Street cares about Main Street. We see from the recent bonuses their gratitude to us for bailing them out.

"Rather than fearing the knock at the door, we should be attending the snake at our feet."

I have heard so many ask, "What can I do?" I don't even know how to find the information?"

The committee of Energy & Commerce and Ways and Means has put out a community impact report (see, amongst others, for our understanding. I have included their links, along with two other sites that will afford you the information (including the 1,018 page bill - see, to search and decipher the truth for yourself.

These sites are:, and

At the end of the day, I believe that we as a people are intelligent, good and given the chance will always do what is right. We deserve to be treated with the respect of knowledge of the facts.

Not fear, not lies, not twisted truths. Fear is a stumbling block - one we should not tolerate when used to manipulate the masses.

At the very least it is an insult to the very core of our existence as a country. We must stand together. We are all Americans, and this is an issue that affects us all.

Insured or not, we currently pay the refugees of a system that is overrun with special interests, theirs being more important than the "interest" of the American people.

I, for one, am tired of the deviation. Who does it benefit to keep us scared and immobilized? Certainly not you or me!

Your voice matters. Read, learn, take action! Tell our representatives what you want and expect of them. Call them, write them, e-mail them. The insurance "buck" stops here.

Just take the step. Your action will effect change, "I promise!"

Sherryan' Lima is a Santa Clarita resident. Her column reflects her own views and not necessarily those of The Signal.


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