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It’s all about Palin

Posted: July 25, 2009 6:11 p.m.
Updated: July 26, 2009 4:55 a.m.
I stopped reading Gary Horton's commentaries a long time ago because they are usually so ridiculous and untruthful.

However I could not ignore his July 15 column ("It's not about Sarah Palin," The Signal, opinion).

Methinks Horton's envy is showing.

Sarah Palin is smart, educated and most of all honest.

As for quitting the state that is broke, are you sure your not mixing up Alaska with California?

Be honest: She quit because she could no longer govern due to the frivolous lawsuits against her, which had no basis and were thrown out, costing the state millions as well as costing her personally $300,000.

She was in court all day instead of taking care of state business.

As she said, she could have continued to draw her pay and traveled the world like other politicians, but she could not do that because she felt it was dishonest.

She valued the people of her state too much to do that.

People love her honesty and warmth. We admire a person who chooses to have her child rather than kill it because it was not perfect.

Her daughter chose to have her child rather than kill it to save her reputation.

I admire her for that, as do most God-loving people.

The battles in the world today are between good and evil. Sarah gets her inspiration from the side of light.

Where do you get your inspiration?

Horton makes much mention of Sarah's "bodice" and salmon-colored lipstick.

I find that amusing as I have never noticed the color of her lipstick and her bodice fits the rest of her body very well.

But of course, I am a woman and don't concentrate on those things.

Instead I am listening to what she says, which obviously you are not or you would have known why she quit her position.

He mentioned brain surgery and trigonometry; I don't recall her applying for those positions.

What qualifies Horton as a political analyst?

As I remember, he is a gardener. Do you ever feel guilty about taking all those jobs away from the illegals?


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