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Smoking and talking while driving

Posted: June 17, 2009 7:52 p.m.
Updated: June 18, 2009 4:55 a.m.

A note to smoking drivers: I do not care whether you smoke while driving your vehicle. You have every right to do so unless there are children in your vehicle.

I am writing on behalf of other nonsmokers and people with breathing problems.

What is making us angry?

You holding your cigarette out the window and/or blowing the smoke out your window. Duh.

Where do you think that smoke is going? It is going into to the cars beside and behind you.

If we wanted to smoke, we would buy cigarettes and light up. But we don’t.

And by the time we see your cigarette hanging out the window with smoke floating around, it is too late to close our windows and close the vents.

And if you are thinking maybe we should drive with the windows and vents closed all the time, why?

You are inconsiderate by holding the cigarette out the window and by blowing the smoke out the window. If you don’t want it in your vehicle, then don’t smoke in your vehicle.

Also, unless you are using a headset, cell phone use while driving is prohibited by California law.

This applies whether you are on the street, freeway, driveway, parking lots, etc.

But yesterday, twice, I was almost hit — once while walking through the parking lot at Best Buy and another time while waiting to make a turn.

The woman who almost hit me in the parking lot told me to mind my own business. She made it my business when she almost hit me.

The driving incident happened when I was legally in my lane waiting to turn right when a car in the left lane almost turned into my car, tried to make the right turn, all while talking on a cell phone.

No headset was used in either incident — no earphone, no Bluetooth, nothing. Nada.

Please be careful out there. When you are driving, you have other people’s lives in your hands as well as your own.



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