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Glaring hypocrisy

Posted: June 3, 2009 10:09 p.m.
Updated: June 3, 2009 10:08 p.m.
The glaring absence on two subjects in The Signal, as well as other Los Angeles papers, once again demonstrates the hypocrisy of many leftists.

First, newspapers printed ill-informed and misguided letters and articles about the April 15 tea parties.

Republicans and conservatives were belittled and labeled as nasty people with no brains who merely do not want to pay any taxes.

The deluded scorners ignored that folks from all points of view supported those rallies and simply wanted to send the message that tax revenue is being wasted by a bunch of dysfunctional, financial alcoholics, no matter what party they claim to represent.

Keeping all of that uproar in mind, California voters sent the same message to the state Legislature and governor May 19: “We are fed up with your girth, waste and schemes you disguise as ‘propositions.’ Period.”

That message was sent by the vast majority of those voters. Since California has more voter-registered Democrats than Republicans, then it seems Democrats said the same thing the tea party-goers said a month earlier.

Secondly, on a more deprecating level, with the Memorial Days of the Bush administration, newspapers devoted pages and pages to listing the specific names of the dead military with regard to Iraq and Afghanistan.

There were photos of the placing of crosses on various beaches by anti-war groups.

Television, too, pushed it in our faces.

On Memorial Day 2009, not one detail of either subject, save an entry in the Los Angeles Times: “1,800 loving tributes offered for California’s war dead.”

The only difference today is that the liberal media is not going to point any negativity whatsoever in the direction of Obama and Company.

Ironically, if we believe the print of late, there are more troops in Afghanistan and Iraq now than under the Bush administration.

Most sadly, this lack of “coverage” clearly tells us that the guilty parties simply mocked and disgraced the agony of the dead.

In truth, it was really all about making George Bush look bad.

Without doubt and with much certainty, it can be said that the loss of each of the fallen since Jan. 20, 2009, is as tragic as those lost before.

Shame on the exploiters.


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