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The second 100 days

Posted: May 9, 2009 9:42 p.m.
Updated: May 10, 2009 4:55 a.m.
Regarding David Bunjac's "Tea-partiers misguided" Letter to the Editor (The Signal, May 1): I think some clarification is in order.

I attended the tea party in Valencia and thus can speak with a modicum of authority. The crowd was not protesting roads, Social Security, police and fire services or even Hoover Dam.

We were protesting runaway spending. We were protesting debt.

We pay taxes for education, roads and security willingly.

Where I, as a Libertarian, draw the line, is paying money to people who haven't earned it.

Even worse is taxing future generations for our personal hedonistic goodies.

Neither party, Republican or Democratic, is in business to serve the public.

Their solitary goal is to get re-elected. The best way to do that is to promise the near-sighted electorate "free" health care, "free" senior housing and luxurious retirement.

I cannot in good faith, demand that laws be passed that force others to pay for my personal comfort, be it surgery, subsidized nourishment (food stamps) or coupons to convert my TV to digital.

I prefer to take care of myself and my own family, thank you. I am mystified about the mindset that promotes sponging off of others or in the government's case, out-and-out confiscation.

Bill Gates is a billionaire, but I am not entitled to a single penny of his. Yes, he can afford it, but the penny isn't mine, it's his.

The government is in charge of public education. You like the results? The government builds and maintains our roads. Do you like the traffic jams and pot holes? Do you enjoy your experience at the DMV as you renew your license? If you answered yes, then revel in the superlative health care and secure Social Security retirement to come.

Somalia? What is Mr. Bunjac's pre-occupation with Somalia? The United States is a nation of energy, creativity, optimism and self-reliance.

Are we to think that if we don't triple the national debt that we'll become a desperate anarchistic country resorting to piracy? Please.
Lastly, I do not recall any overt anti-Obama signs at the tea party.

I'm sure there were some, but the protest was not about Obama. After all, Bush began the headlong plunge into debt as a fix for the "crisis."

My worry is that Obama has been in office only 100 days and counting, but he's taken Bush's spending policy and doubled it.
What is to happen in the second 100 days?


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