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Minister finds inspiration for her own book

Old notes and doodles in local minister’s Bible offer inspiration for her book of devotions

Posted: April 5, 2014 2:00 a.m.
Updated: April 5, 2014 2:00 a.m.

Theresa Kirk serves as a director of women's ministry at Living Praise Christian Center in Canyon Country. The Bible inspired her to write her own book of devotions.

Theresa Kirk had no intention of writing a book when, one day over lunch, her sister told her she believed God was calling her to do exactly that. Kirk didn’t think of herself as a writer and couldn’t possibly fathom what she would write about.

She serves as a director of women’s ministry at Living Praise Christian Center in Canyon Country and an instructor at the Bible Institute in Palmdale. She was fulfilled by sharing God’s word with other women; but writing a book was not in her plans.

Her sister persisted, saying the Lord probably had already given her inspiration for what she should write about.

She also suggested a yearlong book of devotions.

Driving home that day Kirk opened her Bible at a stoplight and was stunned. There in the margins and blank pages of her Bible, a book she carried with her everywhere, were hundreds of simple titles.

“They were never stories, titles that just came to me,” said Kirk.
She never intended to create a book with these words, she simply jotted them down during countless sermons, bible studies and spiritual messages.

Later, she began typing up the titles she had written years earlier to see what they would amount to. She realized she had almost 300 different titles. Nearly enough for a year’s worth of devotionals.

Over time, titles like “Amber Alert,” “Let Them Sing,” and “A Heart Like David” evolved into devotions based on scripture verses from the Bible. Soon, the first of four books of devotions was created.

When she began writing she prayed fervently for God to lead her in the right direction. Soon she was inspired by a title for the book itself, “Some Things Made Plain.” A book to help everyone understand the Bible better.

“People often think reading the Bible is a daunting task and they can’t understand it,” she explained. “They need it to be made plain so they can understand it.”

Since she began writing the four devotional books in 2010, her faith has grown tremendously. She has found new lessons and revelations through reading the Bible and writing devotions for others to understand scripture more easily.

“Now it’s personal,” Kirk said. “I’m not being told about the God that I serve, I know him personally.”

The second and third book in the series, “WORD: Wisdom’s Oil Released Daily” and “This Explicit Grace,” are currently available. The final devotional book, “It’s That Simple” will be available this summer.

Finding her path

Kirk grew up in the church, first attending Catholic church then later switching to Christian churches. She served in women’s ministry for more than 16 years.

Initially, she had a hard time finding the best place to serve. She tried children’s ministry, praise and worship team and other service opportunities. When she was prompted to speak to women, she knew that was where God wanted her to serve.

Having grown up with 11 sisters and one brother, speaking to other women felt natural.

“I finally knew, this is what I’m called to do,” she said.

Kirk graduated from ministry school last June, adding the education in ministry and theology to her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology.

“I use my trials, the good and bad, as lessons, and back it up with spiritual principles,” Kirk said.

Admittedly, she didn’t plan to pursue ministry. Now, it feels second nature to her. She found using her personal experience to connect with the women she ministers to helps them to receive God’s word.

Kirk often finds new understandings of passages she has read many times. She hopes readers will experience that as well, gaining a deeper understanding of the Bible by reading her books.

“The Word is a living word,” she said. “Each time we read it, it takes us to another place.

The devotions are simple and easy to understand. They are for the “everyday person.” She often prays that her readers will come to a deeper relationship with God.

“The only way we know God is because he lets us know him through our faith in Him,” Kirk said. “We’ve never seen him, but we’ve experienced him.”

The devotional books can be purchased at, a Valencia based publisher, and at Living Praise Christian Center meets on Sundays at Mint Canyon Elementary School in Canyon Country.



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