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Billboard vote bashing


Posted: March 2, 2014 2:00 a.m.
Updated: March 2, 2014 2:00 a.m.

The Santa Clarita City Council voted to move forward with a controversial proposal to remove many billboards in the city, on Tuesday night, in exchange for construction of three electronic billboards off Highway 14 and Interstate 5.

By and large, readers posting comments on The Signal’s story, “City Council votes to move forward with billboard proposal,” expressed frustration - and claimed - that city council members are not really hearing feedback from residents and business owners before voting.

Here are some excerpts from reader comments:

“They have been doing this deal in the dark for three years; we got less than 30 days notice and now it’s done. The public input was an exercise in ‘democracy theater.’”

“As usual, it's not what the people want. It's what the city council wants.”

“It’s funny how the opposition speaks in such sweeping generalities about what ‘the people’ want. Well, "the people" elected the City Council that is currently in place to make the best decisions possible for ‘the people.’”

“This is reminiscent of Corporate CEO's electing pay raises for themselves. There is no checks and balances here. Public opinion is no longer considered for some of these council people. The motion should have included a citywide vote.”

“Yet another ‘show’ from this city council. They just let people vent, pretend to care, and then do what they have already decided months ago. This happens time and time again.”

“Pretty much, any time there is a chance for the city to vote on more money, regardless of the situation, it will be a ‘Yes’ vote. The people rarely have an opinion that matters.”

“I am delighted that many SCV billboards will be removed and if the few new digital billboards become problematic I'm certain it would be addressed. Certainly, Newhall's back-in parking was revisited.”

“I showed up at the meeting last night and there must have been close to 200 people there, and the vast majority from what I could tell were deeply against putting up the digital billboards . . . I don't care one way or the other about whether the old billboards are removed or not, I don't particularly like them, but I almost never see them as I don't travel where most are at . . . What I am opposed to, is the installation of those hideous digital billboards.”

“Thank you city council! Cutting down all of those 120 billboards is great for our city. We are dazzled to know our city can get rid of blight and make our streets prettier. Just another step in making sure we never look like the San Fernando Valley!”

“I'm glad the billboard issue is done . . . the corridors will look better, the city makes money and we are moving into the digital age with the rest of the world . . . makes sense.”

“Why does the city council even bother with a public hearing? Why not just send an email to residents informing them of what they decided?”


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