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Bible-reading goes viral

Local professor creates reading plan for the Bible that is currently being used around the world

Posted: November 9, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: November 9, 2013 2:00 a.m.

Grant Horner, Associate Professor at The Master's College, created the Bible-Reading System at 19 years old, while still in college. His goal was simply to make the Bible easier to read and understand for himself, as a new Christian.

Thirty years ago, Grant Horner, a young 19-year old college student was given a Bible. Having no prior experience with Christianity, he began reading and became confused by the massive text.

He knew there was an important message within the book that he needed to hear. He kept reading and trying to understand, in spite of it’s complexities. Horner came to accept Christ as his Savior, but he still struggled with reading the Bible.

“The Bible is complicated,” he said. “For most people, it is not easy to read.”

Someone suggested he separate the books into genres, or groupings based on style. He quickly made lists, fitting each book into a genre.

The suggestion was somewhat helpful but the Bible still seemed so hard to understand. He realized, if he crossed genres he developed a picture of the Bible as a whole. The Grant Horner Bible-Reading System was created.

At the time, only Horner used the plan. After graduating he became a professor of literature and philosophy. He later accepted a position to teach at The Master’s College here in Santa Clarita.

Horner was often asked about reading and understanding the Bible by his students. He began sharing his system with them. At first, copied down by students, then as a handout. Eventually, he created a Facebook page.

Quickly, the idea spread. People from all over the country downloaded his plan. Horner began receiving emails from around the world from people who started using his plan. Horner’s system had gone viral.

“I had no idea this would happen,” Horner explained. “I just wanted a way to understand something I didn’t know how to read. I never thought of it as anything more than that.”

10 Chapters a day
Horner receives email testimonials daily. People from around the world share how his plan has helped to make the Bible understandable and easier to read.

“This system has given me a real purpose in my time with the Lord,” said Vicki Vonhoff, of Queensland, Australia. “I would have never thought reading ten chapters a day was possible. Amazing how that hasn’t been an issue at all!”

The system has 10 lists with books grouped by style. Readers start with one chapter from each list every day.

When a book is finished, the reader moves on to the next book on the list or begins reading it again, until all books have been read.

Shorter books, like Acts, will be read nine times when the Old Testament reading has been finished.

“If you believe the Bible is a message from God, you won’t want to read it only once,” he said, explaining the repeat.

If the plan is followed, the reader will have read through the Bible in 250 days. Some books will have been read multiple times.

“The Bible is not something to be intimidated about,” said Horner. “It really is a love letter from the creator of this universe to all of humanity.”

Grant Horner’s Bible-Reading System is available to download at



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