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Gary Horton: Threatened by our own leaders

Posted: September 25, 2013 2:00 a.m.
Updated: September 25, 2013 2:00 a.m.

Our federal government has been tough on those who would do intentional harm to our nation and its people. Gitmo is filled with “suspected terrorists” — from taxi drivers found in the wrong place at the wrong time to actual bad guys who would slash us with box cutters or far worse if given a chance.

We’ve got Americans locked up right here at home who’ve gone down radical paths that threaten or commit one sort of deranged mayhem or another.

After suffering so much pain, America has learned to take a dim view of those threatening us, and we don’t mind locking the door on these destructive guys and throwing away the keys.

We remember vividly the hardship we suffered following those great tragedies of recent years. The events of 9-11 shattered businesses and buildings ... and also families and lives of hundreds of thousands or even millions.
Those not directly injured or killed were decimated as business recoiled for months and the U.S.shook off the shock.

Later, as George Bush chased threats throughout the Middle East and half the world, Americans were again made to suffer further as we squandered 6,000 lives, incurred hundreds of thousands of injuries, and wasted a trillion dollars of our nation’s wealth that could have instead been put to use in building up families, communities, infrastructure, and our quality of life.

But that wasn’t the end of the suffering we were made to endure. The Great Recession provided a shocking economic crash followed by four years of grinding losses unseen since the Great Depression.

Nearly everyone lost deeply. Some lost careers, some life savings, some their homes, some their loved ones from the stress, some lost their marriages, and some, their sanity — all from living through greater economic suffering most ever could have imagined.

Americans have been left tired, weary and all too ready to move past the pain and trouble.

Now, after six years of sweat and tears, America is slowly coming back, and we’re growing again. We’re adding jobs and are rebuilding some financial security for our people.

Still, everyone with a shred of sense understands the recovery is very fragile and must be nurtured carefully given the depth of the recession we’re escaping and the volatile nature of the world today. Prudence must be the watchword moving forward.

And so, after a prolonged period of sacrifice by so many Americans, it is a deep insult that the Republican Congress piles on the pain and now threatens to purposefully hold our nation’s economy hostage and “shut down the government” if it does not get its way on defunding Obamacare — a law legally passed three years ago.

That Obamacare is flawed and needs correction is not in doubt. But working with the president has never been in the Republican playbook, as collaboration would normalize the mainstream progressivism reflected in Obama’s multi-cultural new face of America.

Led by extremist “tea partiers,” the Republican Congress pledges to intentionally curtail funding of America’s obligations, debts, and functions in an extortion play against President Obama, with you and me and our families, friends and businesses as pawns made to suffer again for their deranged extremist plot.

Last week in Nairobi, an Islamic fringe terrorist group shot up that nation’s finest luxury mall, killing 68 innocents in what they called “payback” for a prior offense against their militant movement.

Not without comparisons, the Republican Congress vows an attack on our economy next week, throwing virtual hand grenades and nerve gas into financial markets, disrupting savings, savaging employment, and shuttering our businesses that are only now finally recovering — all in their deranged effort to enforce their extremist response to Obamacare.

I don’t know how much you suffered over the past dozen years, but I’ve suffered plenty enough and am disgusted enough to call these politicians out as the economic terrorists they factually are.

By even credibly threatening to defund the U.S. government, they’ll create as much havoc as flying jets into buildings or shooting up Naval Yards.

These politicians are now acting like bona-fide Enemies of the State, and, if they successfully pull off their plots, they will surely cause as much misery as any gun-toting Islamist terrorist ever did.

Let’s call this straight up: The Republicans are threatening us with grave and credible harm, and if we had more common sense we’d try these unhinged far-right radicals for treason and lock ‘em up with the rest of the terrorists that torment us.

I have no appetite for “leaders” using our families’ well being as cheap bargaining chips for their self-service.
We all want to move forward again. Moving beyond these bona-fide economic terrorists is an important step.

Gary Horton is a Santa Clarita resident. “Full Speed to Port!” appears Wednesdays in The Signal.



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